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    Pics that make you smile

    As a way of reducing the prison population & feeding those who work yet still find themselves on the breadline.
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    Can’t connect to WiFi

    Tried again today & managed to connect, albeit briefly, so managed to set the time and date. Tried to watch some of the old clips but a few seconds in & the connection dropped. Played around with it for a while then gave up. It says it found the SD card then says "recording started", I get the...
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    Can’t connect to WiFi

    Connection was a bit hit and miss before lockdown but, just starting back at work, I decided to check on the 3 cams we have to make sure the time and date are OK and I'm having zero luck. When trying to connect my phone to the B1w network, I get an authentication error. I'm not even sure what...
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    Capacitors Vs lockdown

    Quick reminder for those who have a capacitor instead of a battery in your dashcam. Caps tend to lose their power after a few days (mine's about 10 days) so the date & time will be awry. Now might be a good time for some housekeeping, bring the cam inside, take out the card & clean it up (clean...
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    Who adds water to car battery regularly?

    Way back in the day, I always had a large bottle of de-ionised water for the battery and some special pills that were recommended for reconditioning the battery.
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    Caring for your car in lockdown

    A simple way out of your predicament is to utilise a battery off a cordless tool. I have a bunch of Makita cordless stuff, takes a 14.4v battery & I always have a few around (so, one on each tool plus 3 or 4 spares fresh off the charger), it's easy to jury-rig one of these to jump start your car.
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    Caring for your car in lockdown

    A lot of modern cars, especially the stub-nosed, tend to have tiny batteries installed, these are only just meaty enough to turn the engine a few times but if the car is left standing for a week or two, these batteries can rapidly die due to all the fancy electronics. The battery in my 1.9 turbo...
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    Which 64 GB or 128 GB micro SD card for Viofo A119 V3?

    Just popped by to say thanks for the thread guys. Far easier to see what everyone else is happy with than for me to trawl through the many adverts. I've just ordered a couple of the EVO plus cards, they're now 50p dearer than early December!
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    Pics that make you smile

    Back in the day, a leader would ask "will you follow me into battle" These days, they write you a letter, ordering you to go, or else. Far too many were shot simply because they refused to follow that order. There'd be almost zero war if our leaders HAD to stand at the front & lead troops into...
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    Removing and carrying my dash cam with me during the day

    Just to play Devil's advocate. Something I have noticed with the small USB ports on my phone, after a while, the plug/socket wears with the constant plugging/unplugging. I resorted to buying a magnetic connector with my older phone. My new phone will take a charge simply by laying it on the...
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    Pics that make you smile

    My wife has dyslexia which has been slightly problematic, she's a Social Worker & writes a lot of reports. However, the computer does help her out no end, by highlighting misspellings and, sometimes, words out of context. For anything important, she generally gets me to cast a quick eye over her...
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    Pics that make you smile

    And next week, some Chinese trader will be using this footage to flog his latest dashcam on ebay.
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    What we should really get from a Dashcam Manufacturer...

    In part, I agree. I have always said that a dashcam should concentrate on doing what it is supposed to do. The more crap you build in, the more crap you get out. A camera should record video and audio, it should do these the best they can. I don't mind a little loss of quality on audio as long...
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    How close is too close?

    I didn't say if I agreed with that ruling or not but the fact remains, the highway code states the 2 second rule is for roads carrying faster moving traffic - but it doesn't define "faster". Interestingly, according to our glorious leaders... At 70mph, you cover just over 205ft in 2s and total...
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    Tailgator sideswipes vehicle to avoid a rear end collision.

    It's how I was taught when learning to drive a bus. The bus has a crumple zone, the car also has a crumple zone, these will effectively reduce your speed even if you don't brake. Slam on & your precious cargo (elderly, kids, etc) carry on at speed until they hit the seat in front. Violently...
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    How close is too close?

    Rule 126 "allow at least a two-second gap between you and the vehicle in front on roads carrying faster-moving traffic and in tunnels where visibility is reduced. The gap should be at least doubled on wet roads and increased still further on icy roads" Too many think the 2 second rule applies...
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    "Performs Initial Setup Every Time the Device is Powered On"

    How hard is it to put a section at the end of the instruction book... "known issues" 'Some users have reported issues whereby...'
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    Pics that make you smile

    pics - or it didn't happen :-D
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    Pics that make you smile

    I was about to say the same thing. Some of those scenes - most noticeably where there is writing on the screen, you can see the mast shaking quite a bit. I think this idea is just a fad.
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    IS the viofo a129 duo worth it?

    Probably just me being old-fashioned but I'm a firm believer of not putting all my eggs into one basket. Here, we have a cam which is recording two lots of video, and (presumably) one sound file. But it can also record gps data as well as g-sensor - that's 5 things at once. If you then press the...