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    Whats wrong with this parking mode video LK-7900? AC27 firmware

    Guys My Lk-7900 works fine in driving mode. I think that night time recording can be improved but I'm not sure what attributes should I change? I have recently installed the hardwire method and tested the parking mode. I have a bit of problem and not sure if its the camera or AC27...
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    Best night time recording settings for LK-7900

    Hi I have read few threads on this topic but could not find conclusive answer on LK=7900. I am running on default settings at the moment and I'm on latest firmware. I live in UK where the number plates are big compared to many other countries. I can only read the number plates if - I am...
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    Best Single Dashcam with parking recording feature

    Guys I have been reading different thread on this forum and more I read, more I get confused and undecided. I live in UK and I am after a best dashcam (just the front) with parking recording feature. After spending few hours, I shortlisted - IROAD IONE 3800 - Blackvue DR500Gw The...