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  1. mariomart

    A119V3 Parking mode temperatures

    I decided to purchase/install an A119V3 with official HK3 wiring today, relegating my 2½ year old A119S (which has operated flawlessly) to the rear window. So I've had it running continuously for several hours in buffered parking mode, mounted just below my rear vision mirror, in my garage...
  2. mariomart

    New Mini0806 firmware released for testing

    Just a heads up that 0806firmware-160104 has been released for download and testing on in the Updates section. I've installed it on my camera without issue but haven't had a chance to test it yet. All I've done is go through the settings to see if anything has changed. I'm not...
  3. mariomart

    Demonstration of in-car temperatures suffered by dashcams in Australia

    Although the following YouTube video is not dashcam related, it does however show what in-car conditions are like in the Australian sun (or any other hot environment). Just remember that some manufacturers only test and rate their dashcams at 65ºC.
  4. mariomart

    DIY Dash Cam Windscreen Sunshade

    I recently purchased and installed a Mini 0806 and not long after discovered that another user had discovered that his 0806 had "drooped" from the GPS windscreen mount, presumably from direct exposure to the sun. So it got me thinking that I didn't want this happening to me during the hot...
  5. mariomart

    "Super Capacitor" turned out to be LiPo battery

    Hey all, I've had a Sameview S200P camera, supplied by Allucam, fitted in my car the past 13 months. I actually won the camera in a Facebook competition. The documentation as well as the website claims that this camera has an "Embedded Super Capacitor" fitted, which made me feel that I had a...
  6. mariomart

    Help please - 2 videos in 1 file, how do I separate them?

    I am currently using a Sameview S200P multi-channel dash camera. The camera saves the 2 video streams into 1 Avi file. The Avi contains 1 x 1280x720p video (front camera), 1 x 640x480p video (rear camera), 1 x audio file and embedded GPS/G sensor data. What I want to do is extract the 640x480p...
  7. mariomart

    Dash cameras in the 70's?

    Here we see the early adoption of dash cameras for motorbikes in the 70's ;) Hope you're all having a great weekend. :)
  8. mariomart

    Ute hooning through garden bed - impounded after Police view footage

    I captured this event middle of last year. I reported it and provided the footage to the Police. They tracked the owner down and impounded his vehicle for 28 days under the Western Australian Anti-Hoon legislation. WINNING :)
  9. mariomart

    New emerging technology in future products?

    Hey @jokiin , I saw this on Gizmodo today, and , and was wondering if this type of...
  10. mariomart

    GS900 (VF960S)

    I had issues with my GS9000 so it was sent back to Foxoffer for a refund. I purchased the newer GS900 (VF960S) as it's replacement. Where I purchased mine. Initially I had issues with the GS900 firmware as it would not remember the English language setting and kept reverting back to Chinese...
  11. mariomart

    GS9000 battery and other issues

    Well, I've had the GS9000 for 1 month now and I am very happy with it's general performance. However in the past week several issues have arisen. The battery keeps going flat and the unit needs to be put on overnight charge to get a few days use before needing another overnight charge. I am...
  12. mariomart

    GS9000 Night Test video

    Just uploaded a short 1 minute test video taken last night. Taken on a dark stretch of road with sparse street lighting. Dont forget to play @ 1080p. Cheers :) Mario
  13. mariomart

    *SOLD* Real DVR-207 + EXTRAS *SOLD*

    I've upgraded my DVR to a 1080p model so now it'd time to say goodbye to my DVR-207. It was purchased from eStore009 on eBay on 28Feb13 and has worked without fault. It will come with the following; 1 x DVR-207 1 x 800mAh battery (standard) 1 x 2500mAh battery (this gives several hours of...
  14. mariomart

    GS9000 Test Video

    Finally received my GS9000, so I have uploaded a test video for you all. Read the YouTube notes section for full details of the clip. I am currently waiting on a response from as to why my unit does not display the speed in the lower left corner. It could be a firmware issue...
  15. mariomart

    GS9000 status light meanings

    Hello, Does anyone know what the different colors on the GS9000 status LED means. Sometimes mine is blue, sometimes red and sometimes a combination of red and blue. Sometimes flashing and sometimes steady. Cheers :) Mario
  16. mariomart

    Dash Cam Comparison

    Hi DashCamMan, I was wondering if you would consider putting an "Updated 02Feb13" (example only) tag or reference on the Dash Cam Comparison page so that we know when new information has been added. Cheers :) Mario
  17. mariomart

    GS9000 GPS suction mount issue

    Hello, I received my GS9000 from today. I haven't had a chance to install it yet (delivered at 6PM), but I did connect it to a 12v source to charge the battery, format the card and apply the correct settings. One thing I noticed is that whilst handling the GPS/mount was that the...
  18. mariomart

    Anyone tried DVR207 720p @ 20fps?

    I was just wondering if anyone had tried the 20fps option in 720p. I wonder if the 20fps option uses less image compression, hence less grainy recording, or if the image compression is set the same for all frame rates. Cheers :) Mario
  19. mariomart

    DVR207 - My Youtube test videos

    Hey, Just received my DVR207 so I decided to upload a couple of test videos. These were taken an a slightly cloudy, mostly sunny day with 30 degree Celsius temperature. Info is include with clips. Enjoy!