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  1. Lovely-connie

    8.5 Meter cable for rear view cam of mini 0906

    Due to some customers feedback that the standard rear view lens cable is little short, the manufacturer developed 8.5 meter cable and available to use now. New cable test result as followed More questions welcome to contact us.
  2. Lovely-connie

    Mini 0806s W/ Super Capacitor, solve the problem of over heating

    New version Mini 0806s, upgrade from Mini 0806, same housing and different motherboard, main difference as followed: Remove a micro SD card Reduce RF interference Improve GPS moduel to increase GPS signal Add AV-Out Add Reset Button Using super capacitor, not built in battery, more safer in...
  3. Lovely-connie

    Mini 0906 Is On Sale

    First Sale, up to 35% off Link for order Mini 0906: