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    Why your next Dash cam should have GPS.. DATAKAM player demo

    Just took a few minutes to make a short video on the power of todays GPS enabled dash cameras and the quality custom software that is available to go along with them. We review and test the DATAKAM software in this video, camera used is a GT680W. Enjoy
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    Updating your Firmware.. a Video how to GT680W

    Created a video on updating Firmware, hope it can help others out. This is on the GT680W but others are very similar.
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    Load pictures

    How can you load a picture to your post? never seems to work for me. Are there some size limits or formats? Thanks
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    G1W-C. Our video review and general operations

    As we do for all products, we made a general review and operation of the G1W-C HD dash camera. Video includes on road footage, so if that's what you want to see the last 1\4 is that. Check it out..
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    What do you like most about the dash cameras?

    As the title goes.. We want to know why you love your dash cam?
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    What causes the Lipo battery failures?

    So what's the cause of lipo battery failures with some dash cams. Its very rare from what I have seen but still can happen. Most that I have come across are all puffed up, as seen in picture. This one happens to be a DOD LS430W (not a cheap camera)! Are replacement batteries easy to...
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    G1W & G1W-c manufacturer?

    Anyone know who makes these models? Looking at quality of build and reliability.
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    Buy locally vs "over seas"

    Just a simple poll to see why and how people decide where to make dash cam purchases.. Let's get the poll going
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    What has been your best dash cam to date?

    Thought it would be a interesting topic "Best dash cam you have owned to date"? I'm not talking about the most expensive model you purchased.. rather the one that sticks out in your mind as being the best value and longest lasting or least problems. I will start it off... Shadow GT300w...
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    My close call with a Semi!

    Never thought I would be on the receiving end of a big rigs bumper, but that's what almost happened! Thankfully I was paying attention and there was no traffic beside me. I was using a GT680W and doing a test as we now have the new software and GPS module. I'm glad to have this technology in...
  12. REyewitness [ Canada, USA & World Wide]

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