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    Where can I buy?

    We carry the shadow 1s. On sale now with 32gb memory and free shipping included! Canadian prices!! Canadian warranty!
  2. REyewitness [ Canada, USA & World Wide]

    Shadow 1s is in store now at Check out our first video.. on road coming soon. Subscribe to get notified.
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    Shadow 1s Car DVR FullHD 30FPS with light sensor by SeeZeus

    In stock at
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    Flash Sales!! BC Sole Distributor of the LUKAS - Witness Auto Dash Cam and Accessory Ltd

    Fine for the camera to be insured as its part of the car after hardwiring... but it costs the owner $300 plus down time each time a low life breaks in to steal this thing. I like the brand but cant get over the size.
  5. REyewitness [ Canada, USA & World Wide]

    We are 100% independent. In the game long before Witness or the vast majority. Check us out
  6. REyewitness [ Canada, USA & World Wide]

    Thanks for the support guys. I have been reviewing the current market and the amount of interest I have been getting recently. I am in the process of starting up again.. thanks to the customers who have supported us and love the customer service we provided (we all know that is the key, even...
  7. REyewitness [ Canada, USA & World Wide]

    It's the Walmart syndrome. Once it gets popular the big box moves in and undercuts. Can't blame em it's business.
  8. REyewitness [ Canada, USA & World Wide]

    It's been a good run, but I am sad to say we are Closing Up Shop. Thankyou to all out supporters for allowing us to bring you great dash cams and quality service. Our profit margins we were looking for were no longer obtainable with the recent strengthening of the US dollar to the Canadian...
  9. REyewitness - No response on defective cam & website is down

    The recent Chinese sellers populating sites like are a major factor to smaller companies going out of business now. I am sure you have felt the effects of this also, at the end of the day price for most is the final decision maker. Customer service is important but everyone runs to...
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    Seems these guys are slipping up with service. As stated the return policy is standard for purchased products from China. It's really not worth the hassle and expenses to save a few dollars over retail in Canada or USA. They know 1yr warranty will never be used if it costs too much for returns.
  11. REyewitness [ Canada, USA & World Wide]

    Our Eeyelog E766 Dash cam demo and review. Eeyelog E766 Dash Camera Review and Demo -
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    Gonna have to pay extra for that Pete!
  13. REyewitness [ US , Canada & Worldwide ]

    Welcome to Reliable-Eyewitness - Home of great Dash Cameras:
  14. REyewitness [ Canada, USA & World Wide]

    Company introduction. Welcome to Reliable-Eyewitness - Home of great Dash Cameras:
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    Some retailers are really dropping the ball on customer service and just shipping product without even looking at it. We offer a guaranteed working unit when you get the camera.. We can do this because we actually power up and record with the unit to make sure it's all up to our quality...
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    SJ5000 A7 WIFI Specification Data

    Looking forward to getting our hands on this baby!
  17. REyewitness [ Canada, USA & World Wide]

    Looking for a particular brand or style of dash cam? Would you prefer to purchase from us and have a usable warranty? Let me know what you want.. Email me at
  18. REyewitness [ Canada, USA & World Wide]

    We have a band new site now with lots of updates! Check out the new pricing and warranty options.. sure to please. Our service is still great, and we still have fully tested Dash Cameras ready to go, just in time for Christmas.
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    Dash Cams from Big Retail Stores

    If you buy from a known business you will have full warranty and return if you some how get a lemon. Ask around.. Word of mouth is the best advertising!
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    Dash Cams from Big Retail Stores

    The more people that get involved, the more you pay. Factory, Importer, middle man (eg big box), then finally you the consumer. 3 places your money has to support before you get your camera. Smaller online/local retailers are your better solution. Warranty is better and handled in Canada...