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    GT63D vs SG9663DC

    Aside from the different form factors, are there any other differences between these two models in terms of internal specs ? What are the pros and cons of the 2 different form factors ?
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    What is an SGZC12XS ?

    Xtra Special ? Xtra Stealthy ?
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    Android Head Units

    My 5 year old WinCE 5.0 headunit is playing up. The Bluetooth is inconsistent, sometimes working perfectly, other times no audio from my phone comes over the car speakers. The Bluetooth remains connected, just no sound - then out of the blue, the sound will start working. There is no...
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    Why no Street Guardian models on the Dash Cam Comparison page ?

    Given all the time and effort jokiin puts into this place (not just pushing his own barrow - I have seen plenty of posts from him helping users with cameras from other manufacturers too), why aren't there any Street Guardian models listed on the Dash Cam Comparison page ?
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    Street Guardian model using the GuardTrak GT2S / GT7S chassis

    Any news on when there may be a Street Guardian model using the chassis you developed for the GuardTrak GT2S / GT7S ? Maybe the SG9665GC internals in the GT2S chassis ?
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    Dash Cam Comparison page

    Hi @DashCamMan, now that "The Rest" on the Dash Cam Comparison page is getting quite large, would it be possible to include a column with the approximate release date of the camera ? Doesn't need to be exact - maybe just month and year or if month is not known, at least the year of release ...
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    GuardTrak GT7S

    I was just wondering what sort of timeframe do you estimate for the release of the GT7S after you finally get the GT2S out the door ?