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    LS430W firmware modification

    Does anyone have an idea how I can modify my firmware for the LS430W? I will/must change some string values. 1 minute (or 30 sec.) screen saver value/option, instead of 3 minutes and some other strings. I've tested it with a simple HEX-Editor, but it doesn't work.
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    New feature for DOD LS430W in RegistratorViewer 5.5 and above

    My DOD LS430W sets at every new fragment the last second (1050 ms) from the previous fragment at the beginning of the file and when I open my records with the RegistratorViewer, I've a small replay on every next fragment. So I spoken with the developer of the RegistratorViewer and he has...
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    GS5000 on my bicycle + power bank / external battery

    I have a GS5000 and I want to use them on my bicycle. Therefore I need an power bank / external battery with a 5V USB output. How long can I record with my GS5000 in Full-HD and GPS "on", with this power banks? 1. 2. 3.
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    DOD LS430W firmware

    Does anyone have the latest firmware (from 2013-11-18) as a download link for me please? - Contact via PM please.
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    Cubot GS9000Pro firmware

    Hello, I'm looking for the latest firmware for this dashcam. I've the "V1.0.7 G85C K", but I've seen other GS9000's with the version "V1.0.8 G85C K". Is this the latest firmware and where can I download it? It's possible to extract / download my current firmware (before I install a other firmware)?
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    GS9000Pro vs. DOD LS430W

    Hello, I want to buy a dashcam, but I don't know which is the better one. Important for me is the image quality (1080p), the angle (>= 140°), GPS and G-Sensor. The GS9000Pro has an angle of 178°, but I don't know if it's true. Because i can't see a bigger difference between this angle and the...