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    GS8000L firmware on GS8000

    So i accidently flashed what I believe to be GS8000L firmware. The firmware is On the site was YND2013.9.29-h22-da-4? I believe which I got from this thread. The camera now wont record and makes lots of beeping noises...
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    $39 from Kogan.

    Kogan selling for $39? ... 20Recorder I am guessing it is the DVR-207? Cheap might I add.
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    Body Cameras

    Does anyone know or can recommend me good body cameras that last more than 2 hours? Or can direct me to the best place? I have been searching the net for some but there seems to be no forums... and the most educated on DVR's are here. Thanks.
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    Flimsy Design, how do I fix it?

    It's a terribly flimsy design. Seems the spring inside the top piece is way too strong for the bloody design. ... 211220.jpg ... 211242.jpg ... 211303.jpg Not very happy. How...