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  1. ghines

    Bricked SJ4000

    Hi all, I have an original non fake SJ4000 (no wifi, and not the plus version) with a 1.5" screen. I was trying to update the firmware and something must have gone wrong. It turns ON with the blue light on, makes a little noise and nothing else happens. The screen is blank. Is there a way...
  2. ghines

    A119 Time Keeping

    Hi all, I'm looking at purchasing an A119 and have a few questions regarding how it keeps the time. I imagine a unit with the GPS option would sync the A119 time from the GPS, but what about a A119 without the GPS option? I suppose it must have a battery of some sort, probably a small button...
  3. ghines

    My new mini0806 question and problem

    Hi all, Just received my new mini0806 from foxoffer and the first thing I did was upgrade to the Jan16, 2015 firmware. Probably a silly question but how do you put spaces in the Driver Number Stamp? Also when powering via the mounting bracket, with the Green Light setup to GPS Status, I never...
  4. ghines

    Radio Interference

    Hi all, I recently purchase a Mini 0803 from foxoffer and it's working great except I get a buzzing interference noise when listening to AM radio. In an effort to track the source I powered the camera via a USB battery power pack instead of the cigarette lighter adapter. No interference via...
  5. ghines

    How to remove video overlap on SJ4000

    Hi all, I have an SJ4000 that I have used for a fishing trip that was setup in dash cam mode recording 3 minute videos as they were easier to handle then the large files. During a couple of the catches the video went across a couple of the video files. I can join the videos without issues but...
  6. ghines

    Mini 0805

    Hi all, According to the foxoffer website the Mini 0803 is now out of production:- And, the Mini 0805 is its replacement:- With all this talk of a Mini 0806 I wonder what the real differences are for all the various models. Greg
  7. ghines

    Operational question

    Hi all, Just purchased a Mini 0803 with no GPS and no internal memory. Also purchased an additional non GPS mount as a spare. The camera works great if I plug the USB power into the camera, but the camera will not power on if the USB power is plugged into the mount with the camera attached to...
  8. ghines

    GSE550 firmware upgrade

    Hi, I'm trying to update the firmware of a GSE550 from V1.20 T24-MFH to V5.4 T24-MFH and I'm not having any luck. The instructions I followed are:- 1) Remove microSD card from GSE-550. (2) Insert microSD into computer. (3) Download latest firmware V5.4 (4) Extract file and rename the...