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    Anker Roav looks very similar to A119

    I'll have one in a few days to compare with my spytec a119 and street guardian. I'll post my thought once i get it. I want to see the bit rate at which it records. hopefully it is > 15mb-20mb
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    Koonlung k1s techmoan review looks good. anyone have an experience with this dashcam?
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    Frustrated Dashcam Buyer

    Maybe i'm expecting too much, but I have now used the dvr-027, FL500HD, Garmin dash cam 20, and i just got the Mio Mivue 568 today. Garmin Dashcam 20 records at 9 mbits Mivue 568 records at 13mbits So far none of them have the clean video quality. All of them are very noisy, grainy, flat...
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    dashcam 20 will arrive on 3/11/14

    yeah! i have bought dvr-027 and f500lhd thru the links included on this site. i,m certain they werent the clones i was testing. i aslo bought a finevu cr-500hd. i didnt like any of them. the best dashcam i have used to achieve the best quality video was with a iphone 4s with isymdvr. in...
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    WTB: Garmin GDR35D

    If you have a GDR35D you are looking to sell please send me a pm with details. Thanks!
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    battery low and shutdown issues

    does anyone else have a f500lhd that their dashcam keeps saying battery is low and then shuts off? once it gets on my nerves enough. i will take in to work and let it charge on a wall adpater for 8 hours. after i do this the dashcam is fine for 1-2 days but then it repeats the problem. it is...
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    i want to buy a dashcam to record...

    while i sleep. i sometimes have the weirdest dreams. after watching the movie inception. i have been experimenting with lucid dreaming. while i can sometimes control my dreams, i still wondering what is going on with my body. i need a dashcam that has decent IR LEDS bc it is completely...
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    Actual video files

    Not sure exactly how we could accomplish it but, reviewing videos on youtube work, but since they compress the videos, i was thinking we should link actual videos here. They could be hosted with dropbox, sugar sync, google drive etc. With this we will be able to gauge the IQ of videos with...
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    Do all real f500lhd startup to this screen?

    I had a fake copy that just booted to the live preview. But my real version goes to this screen everytime! I think there is something wrong! The camera no longer records automatically. And I don't think it is charging!
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    Gdr35 unboxing

    I found this very through review of a gdr35. It is in Chinese so I have included a link to it translation. One tip I found is, at the very begining of the post at the top right corner, there is three green buttons. Hit the rightmost button so all of the photos will load...
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    Not happy with f500LHD

    I had bought one of these from amazon used for $60, but it was a fake. After lots of reading from this site, I went ahead and bought a real one from ebay for estore009 for $99 It arrived in 11 days to Texas. So far, I don't like the real one! It is running V6.8 T2L-KH 1) There is a big...
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    Finevu CR500HD- Ships from TX! SOLD

    I have a Finevu CR500HD that arrived yesterday. I used it for a minute and realized there wasn't a way to live preview recording through a smartphone like the blackvue dr500g. It doesn't have wifi. After a month of searching for a dashcam, i still missed this detail. I am in Houston,tx and...
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    Cr500 with iOS

    Ok I finally pulled the trigger but maybe I should have doubled check if there was an iOS app to config it. Ooops, I got confused! it was the Blackvue had a Mac app just posted!!! So how do I aim and review my videos on the cr500? Record and pull sd and then connect to my Mac? I hope it is...
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    Amazon f500lhd = Clones

    There are 6 sellers here. What the chances that any of these are the real version? I bought one of the used warehouse deals that i will be returning bc it is not a real version. ... dition=new It is $10 cheaper than ebay and i won't need to wait 2+...
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    Dr500gw- where to buy?

    Any idea where I could buy one if I wanted to? eBay doesn't have them yet?...
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    Blackvue dr400 HD II

    I ran across this today, and it seems like a good deal for a USA seller. I much rather have a dr500 but I will wait til reliability reports come in.
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    Thinkware FXD700 @ CES 2013

    I was hoping dashcam would make an appearance at the CES. So far the only one that I have found was the fxd700 Mach. I have found a few Korean videos on youtube. How would you rate it?
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    Garmin GDR35

    I couldn't read anything from the site until i remembered that google can translate the page for me. ... mAJ0Y3jctA Has anyone had any experience with this camera. I have seen videos on youtube. It maybe marketing but it is interesting that one of the...
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    Smartphone apps

    I bought a fake 047 from amazon, but thanks to this site I'm shipping them back to them tomorrow! Does amazon have any real 027 available? I couldn't find any! With that said... I love how not one camera has an excellent rating! Unlike it shill/paid reviews on amazon. U give honest...