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  1. Hillbilly

    Am having trouble inserting Jpg's

    They appear to upload fine but only appear as a black square on the page. Have resized them smaller with no success. Up until a week or so ago they were working fine so I cant figure it out Have attached one as an example Any ideas????
  2. Hillbilly

    AUS DR500GW-HD wanted for parts (Australia Only)

    My 500GW has died and I would like to try to fix it but need a donor cam If anyone has one lying around in AUS I would be interested. Thanks
  3. Hillbilly

    Here we go again DR500 with weird messages

    Camera giving incorrect times and dates so changed the battery on the 19th. Reformatted and put card in and all was well. Went for a drive and it took 15mins to find satellite but all else was Ok Recorded the journey ok. Started car up today and it said " The Blackvue is shutting down"...
  4. Hillbilly

    Not retaining the time correctly recently in DR500GW

    Have replaced both batteries in my 500 a few months ago. Havent used the car much up till a couple of weeks ago. Last night formatted the 128gb card and loaded it in the camera. It started up Ok but the date was 24 .04. 2016. Formatted it again and loaded firmware and set the time with the...
  5. Hillbilly

    Firmware for a new DR450 anyone

    Have looked on BV site but only an empty file and no one else seems to have it either Can anyone help with 1.004E for a 1ch
  6. Hillbilly

    Dod clone wont auto start

    Have this Dod clone which works but is supposed to auto start with ign. It starts up and begins recording but straightaway goes to a menu with MSC or MSG CHARGE. OPEN . By going to open and hitting record it starts to record . It will not auto record as it is supposed to. Cant find...
  7. Hillbilly

    Dead battery fix for DR400G HD after file corruption

    My 400 stopped telling me it was shutting down and corrupted the last file it recorded. Problem was the battery had died. It still showed 3.4 volts but wasn't supplying any power to camera I bought two of these Had to cut and resolder the wires and fit a thicker piece of doublesided tape...
  8. Hillbilly

    Replacement battery for DR400G where to get one please

    Well after two years of flawless working my 400 has a dead battery. Who has replaced it and where did you get it I have Googled and Ebayed and cant find one small enough to fit in. Thought I might do the heatsink as well while its in bits. My turn to ask for help ROFL
  9. Hillbilly

    USA Pacific time problem

    Well just for a laugh I used an old card and installed 1.008 on it and put it in my camera here in Australia. It had 1.005 on it and I just overwrote it. I didnt bother to format it so it would give the least reliable result HOWEVER I SET THE TIME ZONE TO LOS ANGELES Result the time is...