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    What brand memory card

    China fake one could not work for both FineVu Pro and Sony HDR AS-15.
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    Problem with the Finevu CR-300HD internal battery

    Sounds FineVu Pro is a better choice, because it uses super cap. rather than battery.
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    Where did you mount the camera? Post your pictures

    In addition to my FineVu Pro, I use Sony HDR AS15 to capture passing scenery.
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    Aiptek X5's video quality is average and its GPS option has never been officially made pubic. I have replaced it with FineVu Pro and it works far better than X5.
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    Using dashcam in Europe - legal?

    It's legal.
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    Using dashcam in Europe - legal?

    I drove very often to Germany, France, Italy & in Switzerland with the dashcam, no problem. Austria is however prohibited.
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    Massdrop DR500GW-HD for $239

    Seems no option ship to other countries this time.
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    Dash Cams banned in Austria

    Plan to drive to Vienna this summer. Either cancel my plan or remove my dash cam after this news.
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    Rollei CarDVD 110

    There seems big difference between the posted vids, the upper one looks good and the lower one bad. I like the GPS data recorded in the vid.
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    Rollei CarDVD 110

    Impressive and amazing, I'd possibly cross border and buy one to compare the quality with my current Aiptek X5.
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    Matego MG300W

    Seems to be a nice dash cam, but no one so far has discussed it.
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    Where did you mount the camera? Post your pictures

    I have found one here and also wondered if it works.