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  1. kingsbox

    Blackvue and other Korea dashcam,

    Please Feel free to ask. for October. 2014 year for forum member contact or message me. Thank you
  2. kingsbox

    BlackVue, FineVu, Lukas. Wholesale and retail.

    is Jae out of market? or what is happened?
  3. kingsbox

    What is the best quality 2014 Dash Cam?

    I would recommand lukas LK 9700 dou LED MAX256GB
  4. kingsbox

    Converting to English Firmware

    Hi 550GW-2ch offer $289 with Free EMS 530W $239 Free EMS
  5. kingsbox

    Custom firmware BlackVue DR550GW-2CH

    BlackVue 550-2ch $289 With Free EMS. Best price
  6. kingsbox

    FineVu CR-2000S WDR 2Ch FullHD + FullHD / 30Fps

    Just for the price 16GB $330 32GB $355 at It is best one.
  7. kingsbox

    Blackvue and other Korea dashcam,

    Thanks for all the efforts for the community. Please visit to Blackvue DR550GW-2ch $289
  8. kingsbox

    Blackvue and other Korea dashcam,

    HI please visit for all korea dashcam, always welcome any question, thank
  9. kingsbox

    BlackVue DR550GW-2CH firmware v1.014 (En, Rus,..)

    Hi I don't understand how to connect while blackvue is wifi on ,then connect to my computer. thin sentence- The DR550 memory card slot and turn on wifi connected computer. then..??? Please explain for me...