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    Capacitors Vs lockdown

    Quick reminder for those who have a capacitor instead of a battery in your dashcam. Caps tend to lose their power after a few days (mine's about 10 days) so the date & time will be awry. Now might be a good time for some housekeeping, bring the cam inside, take out the card & clean it up (clean...
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    Legal ramifications of having a dashcam

    Suddenly started getting 'relevant' newsfeeds on my phone "we noticed you looked at ... so thought you might be interested in this..." Might be of use to somebody?
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    Bus driver carrying 20 children runs red light

    Already has 3 points. Has a red light ahead for at least 10 seconds. Gets away with a slap on the wrist punishment.
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    Pages not displaying properly

    Completely random as well. I can come to the site & everything's fine but after a while, maybe scrolling down a page & reading each post, bits start disappearing, parts of names, buttons, text in buttons etc. The only way I can reply to a post, for example, is to highlight that part of the page...
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    DDPai M6+ Techmoan's latest droolfest

    He's definitely got the hots for this one & just shy of £100 in the UK The DDPAI M6+
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    Road rage driver leaves 2 children paralysed
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    UK's top 10 hotspots for 'crash for cash' I love the way this article makes mention of how dashcams can help innocent motorists. Even the guy from Aviva seems to go on at length about the rising number of dashcams helping them beat the...
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    USB hub connection for multiple cameras Stumbled over this web page completely by accident, can't find it discussed anywhere on here (knowing my luck, it'll be the next post down!). Loving the idea, any info?
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    It's taken 10 months...

    But our insurer has now advised us that I'm not to blame... This was edited from the clip I uploaded & set to private. Over the following months, I somehow lost all the original footage so thank...
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    Impatient Royal Mail driver

    I don't think "John's" passenger was overly impressed! Why, oh why, do people insist on driving like morons when they are in a signwritten vehicle? Unless they don't know about cameras & think that management will take their side?
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    Nextbase - Halfords' black friday deal It's the 202 lite - only £50. Not bad for a camera that has "Enhanced night vision" :rolleyes: and records in 720p. I mean, just look at those reviews... "Clear video of...
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    More brass than sense

    Buys a new Ferrari, takes it out of the showroom then wrecks it. Surely, if you want to open her up you'd go to a test track & play in someone else's for the day? Get a feel for what these can do, get it out of your system?
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    Zero tolerance on UK motorways 1mph over & you're done. Whatever happened to safety first? I very much doubt all these major incidents are caused by people doing 75 - 80mph, most likely that majority...
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    Must get the mechanics to remove the muppet magnet!

    Had a few idiots today but got these two in the space of a couple of minutes! It's scary that these people are allowed to breed and vote! I left in the start of the clip as there's often the comment about "what did you do to them before the clip starts?" but these guys were waaaay in front & I...
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    It's OK, my driving instructor does it...

    Strange thing is, YT picked out the song & made a fuss so I clicked a tab saying "remove song" and all that seems to have happened is the volume lowered & some sort of crackling going on in the background! Got to love the standard of driving from the blue Ford, half the car in each lane. At...
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    How does this work then? I've seen hundreds of clips where people wander out in front of cars & chuck themselves on the bonnet etc as some sort of insurance scam. If these idiots know that drivers would rather kill them & pay a token gesture...
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    Innovv K1 Dual cam

    two remote lenses, central DVR unit.!shop--cart/cg1f Currently $265 (£169) for either car OR motorcycle version. 3m lead to front lens, 6m lead to rear lens - so any vehicle under 8m long can benefit then.!the-k1/cm4l Have to say, this might...
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    This guy had the cheek to criticise me in one of my videos 'what gives you the right to show number plates? You're not such a great driver. I'm qualified for something or other & hold certificates in blah, blah, blah' He then posts this clip where he berates someone for undertaking whilst he is...
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    Brand new folder "system volume information"

    Just noticed a new file pop up when I look at the files on the card. I'm sure this wasn't there a couple of days ago and noticed it for the first time yesterday. I've just inserted a brand new card & ran the cam & noticed this file has appeared on the card. I mean, what IS system volume...
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    The circle is complete, I'm so happy.

    So, in my earlier thread (let the lying begin) I had a witness stop and give me their details - where everyone else just drove on by. Yesterday, as I approached a roundabout, I saw two cars waiting to my right. One in the left lane, one in the right lane. As that road is, effectively, a T...