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  1. russ331

    Techmoan Review of Aukey DR02 D

    He likes it enough for it to be his preferred choice in his own car.
  2. russ331

    UK Shadow GT550WS Offered (Free except for Postage)

    Shadow GT550WS offered. Has worked perfectly in my girlfriend's car for the past 2 Years. It's LiPo battery is now dead & needs replacing. I'm too bone idle to source & solder-in a replacement battery, so I'm offering it to enthusiast DIYers. Includes GPS module, instructions, cables, etc...
  3. russ331

    A119 Review by Techmoan

    He likes it ...
  4. russ331

    Power Bank £5.59 at Amazon UK

    Lumsing 10050 mAh Power Bank ... Use code LUMSING2 to get this price. I already have 3 Power Banks, but couldn't resist this deal. Love a bargain :)
  5. russ331

    SGZC12RC - Annual Report

    Just noticed that I've had my SGZC12RC for over a year. Installed it on 17 June 2015 ... Always used it in motion-detect mode when driving & when parked. Same Lexar 64GB card since...
  6. russ331

    Reckless Driving

    25 second 'quickie'. A Honda overtakes me, then swerves across all 3 lanes of the motorway, & exits illegally by crossing the solid line.
  7. russ331

    Cheap Dashcam at Amazon UK

    The Anytek AT11DA is currently £25 after using code EW3V2OVN I believe that @Module 79L has this dashcam, & that it's been reliable for him. Hope this helps someone on a tight budget to get into dashcams.
  8. russ331

    Cellink B Review

    Already done by @USDashCamera but Techmoan's had a go too ... At this price, I'll stick with my conventional power bank solution, but if you've got the cash to splash ... :)
  9. russ331


    I don't often see DashCams in parked vehicles, but nobody could fail to spot the one I saw this morning ...
  10. russ331

    Vantrue N1 Review

    Reviewed by Techmoan. He likes it...
  11. russ331

    You Don't Often See a 1980s Group B WRC Car on the Public Road

    Spotted this Metro 6R4 Group B World Rally Championship car last Sunday...
  12. russ331

    Mobius B 1080p/30 Wide vs 1080p/30 Narrow vs 720p/60

    Just a few frame grabs from my rear facing Mobius B showing the difference in Field of View between the available options. 1080p/30 Wide 1080p/30 Narrow 720p/60
  13. russ331

    Transcend DrivePro 220 Review by Techmoan

    He likes it. Review of the DrivePro 520 coming soon.
  14. russ331

    Kingston 32GB Class 10 Card £6 at Amazon UK Prime

    MicroSD card with adapter. Dispatched from & sold by Amazon ... Lowest ever price per CamelCamelCamel...
  15. russ331

    UK Amazon Prime Anker Power Bank Deals Today Only

    E1 5200mAh £6.59 delivered... PowerCore 15600mAh £10.49 delivered... Hope this is useful for someone.
  16. russ331

    This morning my DashCams captured nothing but icy windows

    From my rear mounted but front facing Mobius B ... From my front mounted SGZC12RC while the heated windscreen was warming up ... Shows the limitation of interior-mounted DashCams when windows are fogged or iced-up.
  17. russ331

    I Spied a DashCam Today

    I saw this dangling from the screen of a recent series BMW 330i with M-Sport badge & 'cherished' plate. Pity the owner didn't invest a little more cash in their choice of dashcam, but any is better than none. I don't think that stealth was a priority, as it's visible from a long way off.
  18. russ331

    UK - £30 DashCam at Aldi with 3 Year Warranty

    Cheap dashcam with 3 year warranty. Here's the blurb... Record all your driving action with ease thanks to this affordable high resolution dashboard camera. Includes Built-in Microphone, Full HD, Motion Detection and Wide Screen Record 2.4" high definition LED display Multi-language support...
  19. russ331

    UK - Clocks Went Back An Hour Last Night

    Don't forget to adjust your DashCams accordingly. Possibly not necessary for those with GPS-enabled cams, but I have to adjust mine. Also an opportunity to check recent video clips, to ensure files are being recorded to the memory card.
  20. russ331

    Car Servicing Horror Story!

    Just kidding. My car had a service & M.O.T test (emissions & safety check) yesterday. I dropped it off at 8am & collected it at 4pm. During this period, it was serviced, washed, vacuumed & safety-checked. I imagined it remained parked until 3pm, then received a frenzy of activity, finishing...