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    A129 Duo ---- Does it support HDR ?

    Hi, Does the A129 Duo support High Dynamic range operation? thanks Patrick
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    Disassembling LK-7900

    Hi, Since my LK7900 is pretty much useless with its bad focus, I thought I would see if I could fix it. Taking the cam apart is very easy, once the magic incantation is known! I am not going to post the method, until I am confident that it will work again after reassembly. I wish I had...
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    Lukas LK-7900 Focus?

    Hi, I have used my Lukas LK-7900 for some weeks and I am still dissatisfied with the quality of the videos produced. The problem is lack of detail ( lack of sharpness) in the image recorded. It looks blurred. I have run the gamut of adjusting the ALL the settings and although I can vary...
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    I have borked my LK-7900 ! FIXED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    HI, For those whom English is not their first language or anyone not familiar with the term:-‎ I was attempting to update from AC21 to AC23. It all appeared to go well until after the camera had updated, rebooted, (showed me AC23 in the...
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    DR32 and other cams in the series.

    Hi, The company resposible for oem manufacturing the DR32 cameras, has a VERY interesting web site:- Have a look at Products then Driving Recorder Series, Click on image for further pages You will see a whole range of DR32 series cameras, (Click on camera image...
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    New Firmware and Viewer for LK-7900 ACE TODAY, (9TH APRIL)

    Hi, Just noticed this on Lukas website:- (12.0M) [1] DATE : 2013-04-09 18:59:27 Hello Lukas users. New firmware of Lukas Black box LK-7900 ACE has been released. The improvements are as follow 1. Security LED On/Off option added 2. SD Card memory capacity option...
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    SOOINKOREA DUAL HD 30 fps 1280 x 720

    Hi I came across this camera :- There are videos on the original Korean web site, ( the ones on the Google translated site do not play). It appears to be quite a nice device, Green-sum is selling it on Ebay for £189. The web site looks quite...