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  1. spaceballsrules

    Too many options............recommendations?

    Yeah, WiFi is definitely an unnecessary feature. Maybe in future models, it will serve a greater purpose. I installed a Mini 0906 a few months ago and I could not be happier. It has all the features I could ask for at a price that is just too good to pass up. Way better than the FineVu that I...
  2. spaceballsrules

    Too many options............recommendations?

    Check out the BlueSkySea B1W. It's a single cam, but it fits your budget and has WiFi.
  3. spaceballsrules

    Rear camera extension cable

    The Flex is a large car, but it's not THAT big. You just need to figure out how to partially remove the headliner to run the cable in as straight a line as possible from front to back. Here is one example of someone on who was able to successfully route their rear cam cable in a...
  4. spaceballsrules

    What's the best dashcam with dual camera's?

    Your best option for a good quality "taxi cam" would probably be the Transcend DrivePro 520.
  5. spaceballsrules

    Did Lukas/Qvia shut down North America sales and service?

    I have had a really good experience with my Mini 0906 so far. Video quality is great. For $110, I am very happy with my decision. If you want a high end model, the Street Guardian SG9663DC is coming out very soon. If you ask nicely, the rep here on DCT will give you a $50 off pre-order code...
  6. spaceballsrules

    Dual channels mini0806 - NEW mini0906

    OK got the g-sensor working now. I tapped lightly on the side of the camera with my finger and the little yellow padlock symbol appeared. For some reason, I was expecting an audible sound to be heard when the g-sensor was activated with a bump, but there isn't one. If I recall, if I lock a...
  7. spaceballsrules

    Dual channels mini0806 - NEW mini0906

    I will give that a shot. If the above method does not trigger it, I will bring the unit inside, power it with a wall adapter, set it on a surface, and hit the surface.
  8. spaceballsrules

    Dual channels mini0806 - NEW mini0906

    Going to give it a quick paddlin'! That would be nice. Something to add to the October 13 beta update before official release.
  9. spaceballsrules

    Dual channels mini0806 - NEW mini0906

    How were you able to trigger it?
  10. spaceballsrules

    Dual channels mini0806 - NEW mini0906

    I will just keep it set to Medium and keep my finger hovering over the remote control button for the time being.
  11. spaceballsrules

    Dual channels mini0806 - NEW mini0906

    Tried the Low setting and no luck. Hit a few speed bumps much faster than normal and nothing triggered.
  12. spaceballsrules

    Dual channels mini0806 - NEW mini0906

    I will try that. Can't hurt anything. :p
  13. spaceballsrules

    Dual channels mini0806 - NEW mini0906

    I seem to have a faulty g-sensor. I have the sensitivity set to high. I have tried booping the dashcam itself. I have also gone over potholes, train tracks, and speed bumps that would have set off all of my previous dashcams, but nothing from the Mini 0906. No beep and no locked files.
  14. spaceballsrules

    Best dashcam with remote emergency record?

    Combi is the official reseller in the UK. If you want to save some money and buy from eBay, you can get the BlueSkySea version from estore009 -
  15. spaceballsrules

    What micro SD card are you using in your Mini 0906?

    Just curious what everyone is using with their Mini 0906, and what their experience has been so far. I am currently using a 64 GB Lexar 633X (Class 10 U3) that I bought a little over 2 years ago for use in another dashcam. I get 3 hr 40 min of record time with the Super Fine setting (20 Mbps)...
  16. spaceballsrules

    Any Radio interference with the hardwire kit?

    I have had similar problems with the F70/i1000 dashcam I installed in my father's car. Ferrite chokes did nothing for me as well. What helped most was wrapping electrical tape around the wire closest to the antenna. I also moved the cable as far away from the antenna as possible. Both had a...
  17. spaceballsrules

    Rear camera options

    You could always cut the camera wire down to desired length and resolder the wires together. I'm not sure what it looks like under the first layer of insulation, but don't just cut the wire completely in one go. Strip it down layer by layer, so you can mark the wires before you cut them so you...
  18. spaceballsrules

    Looking at replacing my Mobius with the Mini 0906

    Yes, there definitely is. I just noticed this myself when I was checking the end of one file and the beginning of the next. Not sure what the amount of time is exactly, but it seemed like it was around 0.20 seconds.
  19. spaceballsrules

    Veckle Mini 0906 Package. with GPS Mount

    Glad to hear it finally worked for you. :)
  20. spaceballsrules

    0906 just died

    Have you checked to see if it will power up with the 12V DC power plug?