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    #INNOVV K3 Dash Cam

    We proudly present our new INNOVV K3 motorcycle camera here! It is a new generation of INNOVV K2 motorcycle camera, adding some innovations to make it smarter and more user-friendly. External Microphone Input Fancy Remote Control High-quality Recording Even At Night Life is full of twists and...
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    Where to mount camera to avoid vibration problem.

    There you have the vibration problem solved, just mount the camera to the head of a chicken. Now all you have to do is figure out how to mount the chicken.
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    The Golden C3 Lens cable

    You will be surprised the C3 lens cable became to be golden. In China, people also say golden color to be TuHao color, that means it is expensive. This cable is made by a rider, he needs help, I'd like to share it below, My motorcycle is a 1980 Honda. I have used the C3 only powered by...
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    Almost gone in 6s recorded by INNOVV C3

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    The C1, C2, C3 GUI settings

    Received message from people, On the GUI Configuration Utility, add the ability to Open (read) a saved configuration file. I believe another reader has mentioned this as well. Sure, we can read a saved configuration file with a text editor, but some users may prefer to use the GUI utility only...
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    The New FM and GUI released on 2015 03 03

    Click below link and move to the bottom of the page, find the downloadable files source,!the-c3/ckmf Click the file, C3 FW &GUI _20150303 to download. The last updated the FW and GUI included. Updating process, Unzip the file, you can see two files, 1. FWC3.bin 2...
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    Free C3 lens case clip dispatch

    Moto riders install the C3 in different positions on their big toy, the below lens case clip makes that happens, and they would like to have more lens case clip. To support that, from now till end of Feb, the C3 lens case clip is offered without charge. PM with title Free C3 lens case clip...
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    INNOVV C3 ON THE WAY and Review

    Ironbutt, San Jose CA to Las Vegas NV and back. Over 1000 miles in under 24 hours:
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    TUNED - Turbocharged Datsun 510

    Very enjoyable to watch,
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    Car Accident compilations

    Watch such videos reminds us be careful on the way especially during snowing days. You can see the first car is out of control and slip to over turn.
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    Do believe that could happen?

    Looks Crazy, but it happens.
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    Merry Christmas and Happy holiday

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    Cadillac's cars are getting smart rearview mirrors next year

    Cadillac's cars are getting smart rearview mirrors next year via Engadget Android So what is it like to drive with Nissan's Smart rearview mirror? via...
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    The C3 installation on Motorcycle collection

    This is to get collection of what and how to install C3 on the motorcycle. that is fun and smart.
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    INNOVV C3 new FW updated

    As people pointed USB connection issue- Could not find the camera when connect it to computer by USB cable, so our guys made new FW released with improvement on below, USB connection improvement, Connection TV and auto recording, SD card reading improvement. Please download it from below...
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    The C3 Smart lens case clip

    After learning from people's feedback on C1, C2, we do figure out how important the mount is for cameras, especial for action camera, so C3 has a larger box which has a list of mounts inside. Received messages from people that asks for to buy C3 lens case clip, due to it is small and very...
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    INNOVV C3 Operation Instructon

    Below is the video about operation, that helps if first to have C3 on hand.
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    INNOVV C3 HDMI Extension Cable

    "I want to lens cable to be 3m, how to do?" "When 3m lens cable is available? "I want to extend lens cable to be 3m or longer, how to do?" "Where to buy the extension cable to get lens reach 3m?" People keep sending message asking for above, Here is the answers, To have lens reached 3m or...
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    INNOVV C3 capacitor model is available

    People have been looking for capacitor model for a long while, the expectation will not get disappointed, INNOVV C3 capacitor model is available now. You can buy from Joovuu, at below link, or, INNOVV website...