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    Driver robbed of pro camera equiptment. Drone & DSLR for real estate photos SAN FRANCISCO - A Bay Area real estate photographer had around $7,000 in camera equipment stolen from his vehicle while he was driving Friday evening in San Francisco. The victim, Ben...
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    Speedy pregnant driver flies off bridge hits train

    Pregnant driver flies off the bridge and hits train. Video cuts off before flight. 4¼ victims ages, -6 months to 22.
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    Lane wars. Big rig vs tiny car

    Red big rig vs white mini car. Not sure how there wasn't an accident, truck did not let up.
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    Arthur Fleck (2019 Joker) in real life

    The guy was walking to a hospital of all places :nurse: This was not a costume I believe :oops:
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    Pedestrians triggering a Nazi

    First clip was me not seeing a pedestrian :stig: Second clip was a woman giving the Nazi sieg heil salute.
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    Wide turn into moto rider oopsies The experienced rider, from Barnsley, South Yorkshire, suffered a broken back, a broken sternum and a broken wrist in the crash, while his motorbike was destroyed on impact. The driver involved in...
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    My turning mishap

    Too bad there wasn't a giant ditch I could have fell into. I would have sued :cry:
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    How not to close a lane, (bonus points) for hiding around a bend

    If I didn't have somewhere to be, I would've stopped to chew these bird brains out.
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    Guy shoots an arrow across the street

    No idea what the intended target was, looks to be their own house. Seems really dumb to be shooting around expensive automobiles :unsure: I also got a capture of John Rambo in real life. He was carrying around a bow and some arrows. Downtown area of the suburbs. No idea where he was headed...
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    The killer of oil pans and front bumpers/lips

    The audio was not increased. I hit it hard, surprised airbags didn't go off. Did not see the dip sign. I died a little inside.
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    Double trouble

    Red light runners/turners. It is legal to turn on red unless posted but not like this. I don't know what the tow truck was up to. Certainly not up to any good. Maybe being chased by the second car?
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    Kamkar needs a vacation (fund)

    Anyone interested in chipping into a gofundme or something similar so @kamkar1 can go on his dream America trip? Sounds like our most frequent poster boy is going thru some rough times at the moment. He is always talking about his dream trip to the United States. Maybe a dash camera vendor or...
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    Mercedes rope towing a Mustang + fire smoke from 3 hrs away

    It was a girl driving the Mercedes. Pretty ghetto. The smoke was from a fire 3 hours away called the Camp Fire located near Chico California. It had been burning for 2 weeks at that point. The air was stagnate during that duration and it finally cleared today due to fresh storms. We had...
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    Test driving a Mercedes, almost wrecked

    At the last minute the Merc decides to turn. This was what he was shouting: "What? How the F* were we suppose to know. What the F* is your problem man. Sorry then" I was lucky enough to stop in the nick of time. Both my tyres and brakes (rotors/pads) are under 1 year old. You can spot the...
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    No F* given, coming thru

    Guy was blocking a side of the road with his car, then blocks the other side with his body while on the phone.
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    Helping a guy back into your own vehicle

    White van had just pulled into that spot, driver comes out and helps delivery truck back out. They were both pissed at each other and started to blame one another. I had a card reader for my iPhone and let them both watch the clip on the spot. Both still blamed the other. I took phone numbers...
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    Speed bump removed temporarily = happy!

    Speed bumps were removed on one side for the entire stretch of road, about 5 in total :love: