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  1. germany

    Searching for a night vision wide angle (or even 360 degree) security camera to place it in the car?

    Hi guys, I have a Viofo A129 duo in my car, which I'm very happy with, but I don't want to use it's parking mode. For which I have many reasons, also don't want to use another dashcam. So I'm looking for a cheap (in case someone breaks the windows and steals it) camera with a very wide angle...
  2. germany

    USB car charger is kind of loose [3 ports USB lighter socket / car cigarette lighter]?

    My old car charger was broken, I now bought a triple USB car charger pretty similar to this: AliExpress Ugreen Car Charger 3 USB Ports It currently works with my phone, powerbank and of course the dash cam but it's kind of loose, I've made a short video to show you what I mean: Do you guys...
  3. germany

    ISAW Edge 4k discontinue recording while charging on mobile power bank (external battery)?

    My english isn't the best, so I'm apologizing in advance. :barefoot: I'm using a mobile power bank to charge any smart devices. It has a output of 2 amps so even bigger tablets are no problem. Not so my action camera ISAW Edge. I'm using this camera as a dash cam while cycling. The battery...
  4. germany

    Mobius ActionCam as a security camera to record through the door spy hole with motion detection?

    This has nothing to do with the dashcam topic however it's quite similar because users use their dash cams in motion detection, so I hope this thread is accepted here. :) My question is already in the title. I had recently some garbage from neighboors right in front of my door, I live in an...
  5. germany

    Difference between Viofo and Elephas?

    I thought I'm going to order a Viofo A118C a few days ago but instead of a Viofo Dash Cam I received a Elephas A118C. Did I just got a cheap fake version of the Viofo? Can you guys tell me what the difference is?
  6. germany

    What Android app can edit Mobius mov files?

    After I put my Mobius microSD card in my phone (Sony Xperia z) I'm able to watch, rename and delete videos. Then I wanted to trim those video clips and tried a few editing apps from google play store but all of a sudden not a single one was working. Most of those apps just broke down while...
  7. germany

    What dark foil or material is good to film through?

    As I mentioned in the title I'm looking a dark or better a complete black foil where I can capture through. It's because I want to hide the lens behind this foil. Is there any possible way to do this without having a darker image on the camera?
  8. germany

    Searching a minatur 1/4 inch screw clamp?

    It's not a real DIY project but I guess it's the right category anyhow. To mount a Mobius on one of my headrests in the back of the car I'm looking for a midget stand clamp whatever. There are a lot on ebay like the well known: Manfrotto Super Clamp GoPro clamp Walimex Pro 20470 Mantona...
  9. germany

    DV/DVR MD80 Spy Cam with sound detection or a similar camera?

    I want to observe my bike with a little spy cam which records on a micro SD card via motion or sound detection. Because somebody is pushing my bike from time to time down to the ground. The DVR MD80 has all of that and the battery lasts about 2 hours they say so I guess it's only 1 hour: The...
  10. germany

    Sena 10C Bluetooth Headset & Camera [most discrete helmet camera]

    Sena is a bluetooth manufacturer and they made another bluetooth device for the motorcycle helmet with a camera in it which is a very nice idea because a small bluetooth device on the side of the helmet doesn't looks that stupid like a bike GoPro on the side of the head. Maybe here are...
  11. germany

    An uncommon method to mount a mobius inside a motorcycle helmet?

    My plan is to have a little but stable mobius mount inside my helmet. Maybe something like a little bar to slide the mobius on without destroying the stability of the helmet. The Mobius should fit directly in front of my mouth where there is usually enough place for a headset. And with a...
  12. germany

    Exporting small segments from recorded Mobius files?

    I'm recording 5 minute videos with my Mobius. File size is about 600 megabyte. I just want to trim small sequences for a few seconds and export them. To archive it and put them together a few month later. Can someone recommend me export settings where I'm not loosing much of the quality and a...
  13. germany

    Is the velcro tape strong enough to hold the mobius on a motorbike?

    My plan is to mount the Mobius camera on my motorbike. I know there is a very good magnetic mount but this is too big for my small bike. I want to attach it with the velcro (delivery content) to to area between the wheel and the handlebar (see figure). It will not be hardwired and run with the...
  14. germany

    Searching a IR Cam with motion detection (battery operated surveillance camera for my parked car)

    Hey Guys, I'm looking for a small camera, but not a real dash cam actually. It will be placed in the car at night. It's only for that thing and I would like to put it on the dash board or on the head rest. And on the next day I will look at the footage and charge it again. The conditions are...
  15. germany

    How To: Assembling a completely discrete Mobius Cam inside a Navigation Device?

    I had this idea already years ago but never had a concept how to reassemble my idea. Not too long ago a manufacturer brought out a dash cam which was build inside a navigation device but the video quality was horrible thus not usable for me. And as some of you may have heard, dash cams are now...
  16. germany

    Running the redlight: example par excellence [Red Light Jumper Compilation]

    Here you go: _video removed_ Likes and coments would be very much appreciated :)
  17. germany

    Police check was ignored by car driver [traffic check]

    Police check was ignored by the driver in front of me :) _video removed_ I don't know for what reason maybe he had no seatbelt on or was on his cell phone and the cops didn't chased him after that they just rolled their eyes :-D
  18. germany

    I Made A Short Tailgate Compilation [germans realy like to tailgate]

    I made this video over the last few weeks (there are also two scenes from winter 2012). As you can see the germans like to drive too close to the car in front no matter if they are on the autobahn or in the city or on simple country roads. The authorities can measure it but it's a costly...
  19. germany

    Almost Head On Collision - Close Call On Country Road

    A few days ago this happend in front of me I thought they're going to collide :eek: _video removed_ PS: This wasn't a young kid who got dadys beamer an old man was driving it :)
  20. germany

    808 #18 serious problems - can't switch it on anymore

    Just wanted to tell you experiences with 808 #18 key chain cams I bought a #18V2 several weeks ago. I made some dash cam videos and tested it at low light situations and so on. After recording maybe one or two hours on the SD card I couldn't switch it on anymore, I asked the seller and they...