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  1. Edgardo

    Does CPL filter really work?

    A couple of my old posts from 3 years ago showing the difference with and without a CPL.
  2. Edgardo

    Review: Z-Edge (Zero Edge) Z3D Dual 1080p Dashcam with built in GPS

    So how do you turn OFF that annoying bug logo in the upper left? If not able to remove that, it would be a deal breaker for me. Seems like I looked at a Z Edge cam a while back that had barrel or fisheye correction. Ambarella chip I think. I was about to buy one but it still relied on an...
  3. Edgardo

    One morning in Dallas...

    KHOU TV link won't play video for me, so here's a link that does play for me as an option. This happened a few miles from my home.
  4. Edgardo

    USA Lawmakers Move One Step Closer Toward Ending Daylight Saving Time Change (permanently)

    Either way would be fine with me too, if we can stop resetting clocks twice a year. I would prefer just going back to standard time year-round. Being a morning person I don't particularly like dawn being after 8 AM in the winter. We tried year-round DST in the '70s during the so-called "energy...
  5. Edgardo

    Close one.

    Glad I always look both ways before crossing the street after my light turns green! This idiot came through a good 4 to 5 seconds after my light changed to green. I saw the Caddy coming and not slowing down at all. I started my left turn but wasn't going to let him (her) hit me, and I laid...
  6. Edgardo

    Testing the new SG9665XS

    I assume the date 11/29/2016 is the date the file was saved or finalized. I downloaded it as a zip file a few days later on Dec 2. Similar to the dates with the V2 where the unzipped file's date 7/17/2018 precedes the date I downloaded and unzipped the zip file by a month. Interestingly the V2...
  7. Edgardo

    Testing the new SG9665XS

    Did you get the update for the V1 dated 11-29-2016? I did. I did not see any real difference btw.
  8. Edgardo

    Testing the new SG9665XS

    Another month passes... now Aug 1st. Still waiting for that update.
  9. Edgardo

    PCB manufacturing plant walkthrough

    The whole operation, not just one machine. Not one energy efficient LCD monitor seen. Just a curiosity to me. I notice things like that. Like going back in time. Is that video 15 years old?:)
  10. Edgardo

    PCB manufacturing plant walkthrough

    Love those state-of-the-art CRT monitors... ☺
  11. Edgardo

    looking for a good cam 1440p and up with 100° or less viewing angel

    " I really do not like the image distortion of the ultra wide viewing angles ." I've noticed some of the Ambarella-equipped cams correct for the fisheye distortion digitally. Works quite well too, judging from the videos I've seen.
  12. Edgardo

    Register & Extend your SG9663DC product warranty from 12 months to 24 months!

    Not that my now year-old XS qualifies, but I inadvertently rubbed the serial number off of it within the first two days I had it just from handling, sliding the cam and the bracket together and apart a few times, adjusting angle, etc. And, no duplicate number on the box. So on my XS V2 1st...
  13. Edgardo

    Fastest idiot I've ever captured with the dashcam...

    I now have an insatiable desire to put on some Nelson Riddle music!
  14. Edgardo

    October Timeshift (Winter time)

    The killer for me was 10 years ago when the US moved the beginning two weeks earlier and the end a week later to supposedly save energy. What a load of ...! Almost enough to make me move to Arizona! (Phoenix about the same latitude as Dallas) I hate the changeovers. And I hate it currently...
  15. Edgardo

    The new EBORN GPS DashCam is at Amazon.

    When someone comes out with a dashcam using a lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO 4) battery good for years of use and heat resistant, then we'll have better technology. Or make the LiPo battery user replaceable.:) I lost my first dash cam (DOD) at less than 2 years use because of the internal...
  16. Edgardo

    FineVu sucks!

    Yep been using it for years, way back when it was called "Cramolin", a main staple on a technician's bench. A little bit does the job. I'll put some on a Q-tip then spread that around on contact surfaces. Is a good thing to use on battery contacts in remote controls, audio connections, all...
  17. Edgardo

    Car insurance...

    You must work for an insurance company! I've heard that reasoning before. They will repair it up to the cash value of the vehicle, minus deductible. When the vehicle started out at say $25,000 and now 16 years later worth maybe $3500 on the books they aren't likely to repair much either. A...
  18. Edgardo

    Car insurance...

    Same BS here so I take it they are all the same! Driving a 16 year old vehicle and the collision and comprehensive parts which cover damage to it keep going up even though the actual cash value keeps going down. Amazing how they pull that off and get away with it.
  19. Edgardo

    Car insurance...

    Bought the house 39 years ago. Our homeowners insurance is about 8 to 10X that "£100 a year"! Living in "tornado alley" makes it expensive. Auto, they take into consideration city, county, your credit history, driving history for 3 to 5 years back, type and age of vehicle, whether you drive...
  20. Edgardo

    Car insurance...

    Minimum here in TX is $30,000 for each injured person, up to a total of $60,000 per accident, and $25,000 property damage per accident. These days those numbers are pretty easy to exceed if you happen to screw up and cause a wreck. Then you'd be getting sued for the rest. I found not that much...