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  1. Edgardo

    Close one.

    Glad I always look both ways before crossing the street after my light turns green! This idiot came through a good 4 to 5 seconds after my light changed to green. I saw the Caddy coming and not slowing down at all. I started my left turn but wasn't going to let him (her) hit me, and I laid...
  2. Edgardo

    Quick video of Mockingbird swooping across windshield

    A 6 sec clip I saved from May 2015. Crazy mockingbird waited until the cars started moving, then came down and across right where my old LS300W was mounted.
  3. Edgardo

    My new SG9665XS, question about version

    Just received a new SG9665XS sold by Street Guardian and "Fulfilled by Amazon". I see a version 1.00.07 is that the latest version? Are there any video settings other than 50/60 Hz and NTSC/PAL for your older analog TV (kind of surprised it still has that) . This replaces a DOD LS300 that...
  4. Edgardo

    How do I unlock files?

    I have multiple protected locked files I want to unlock. I thought I read how here sometime back, but can't find it now, even tried search. Thanks!
  5. Edgardo

    AV OUT jack on DOD LS300W?

    Hello all! What kind of AV cable or adaptor plug do I need for the AV OUT jack? It looks like a 3.5mm jack. But doesn't seem to accommodate any plugs or cables I have. I recently bought a DOD LS300W. It has the AV OUT jack for composite video and audio output. I have a small 7" monitor I...