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    How should the perfect dash cam designed?

    For continue the discussion started here I opened this thread as a pool for ideas/suggestions of a perfect dash cam. I know, every user has his own idea of what is perfect and I do not believe that at the end of the day a manufacturer represents the unit we desire... :D But may be some day far...
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    CR500 and live video output

    I am thinking of connecting the video output of the cam to the cars internal navigation display. In the manual for the Blackvue 400 series I found this statement: If you use the [VIDEO OUT] port of BlackVue, the frame rate decreases. Does this also apply to the Finevu CR500? Connecting an...
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    e-Mail Notifications

    Hi Admins, please see attached my settings for an e-mail notification. Until today I did not receive any e-mail when a PM was sent to me!? Any ideas about that? Also I did not get an activation e-mail when registering some days ago and need to contact an admin who activates my account...
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    DR500 and WiFi connection to PC?

    Hi, currently I am hesitating which HD cam I should buy, so many reviews, all cams with advantages and disadvantages... :? From the housing I would prefer the DR500, but in a lot of posts the users reporting a bad picture at night. And when spending such an amount of bucks at least day and...