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    Bulging cams

    I seem to be having a strange issue with both my SG cams. Both seem to have developed a bulge causing them to not sit in it's mount properly. I remember I had a similar problem when I first bought it, but since then had 0 issues with it. It seems to have just suddenly happened. The cameras are...
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    A119 vs A119s

    Looking to add another dash cam to the convoy of cars. Looking reliability and video quality as I find my current street guardian is great but sometimes struggles to be able to read license plates. In terms of reliability and video quality is there much difference between the A119 and A119s...
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    Best quality generic capacitor camera

    Hello all, I need to buy two cameras for my friends car. I'm really happy with my SG street guardians bit it's out of the budget at the moment. Hoping to spend up to $100 each. I'm based in Australia and I know heat is a killer so looking for the best quality Chinese cameras with a...
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    Car battery keeps dying

    Hello all, I currently have two street guardian sg9665gc hardwired with the cell power in my car, but the problem is that the cameras seem to stay on all the time or the cut off is too low for my car. End result is that my car battery constantly goes flat. My battery is 4 years old which could...