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    A119V3 v1.0.3 issue

    I've had my A119V3 installed for a number of weeks now. Operations appear normal in that it starts up when I crank up my car and goes into parking mode when I shut down. But what I'm finding is that it loses the correct time. The GPS logger base keeps the day of the week just fine, but I'm...
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    A119v3 windshield mount vs factory tint

    I am finally getting around to mounting the A119v3 I got last week but ran into an issue I wasn't sure how to deal with. What do you guys do w/r/t the factory tint near the top of the windshield? See the attached images. To get the A119v3 high enough for me to see the screen, the lens will be...
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    A119v3 recording times and the E/C button

    I looked through the on-line manual and didn't see anything mentioned about how long you can record at 1440P/high bitrate on various sized cards. Anyone know? Also, in the situation where an event occurs and you want to make sure to save it, do you just press the emergency/confirm button? And...
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    Parking mode question

    I have a new A119v3 coming. I'm curious how the parking mode works. I plan to replace an older G1W-C with it in a vehicle that often sits in a garage for days at a time without being driven. I would think in such a scenario, parking mode is of no use. How would you implement parking mode in...
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    GPS logger base physical dimensions?

    I'm looking to order an A119v3 and would like to use the GPS logger mount on 3M dual lock tape so the device is transportable. However, I cannot find physical dimensions of the GPS logger unit and don't know if I need to order 1/2 inch or 1 inch 3M dual lock 250 tape. Can anyone advise? Thanks.
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    If you considered the A119v3....

    I'm curious what convinced you to buy the A129 Pro?
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    If you considered the A129 Pro...

    I'm curious what convinced you to buy the A119v3? Price alone? (only about $60 difference at the moment)
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    New vs older dash cams

    I have an older G1W-C I bought probably 4 or 5 years ago and hardwired in my vehicle. I had to get a buck converter to go from 12v to 5v to power it. Do the newer dash cams still need a converter? I don't see any power supply specs listed on the Amazon page for some I'm considering. Or will...
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    Does your dashcam lose settings after a few days?

    I have an old G1W-C dashcam that still works well. I have it hardwired. If I don't drive my car at least every 3 days (or just switch on the ignition and let the dashcam power up), I lose my date and time settings. As long as I powerup the dashcam at least every 3 days, it keeps the settings. Do...