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  1. albertson

    Lightning strike on power pole, Chicago

    Chicago Illinois, Anja Englert captures lightning strike that explodes a pole next to the road. Lots of pole chunks fly onto the road. Wires blasted away from the pole. Link
  2. albertson

    Seeing at night

    One of the topics in this forum is, how to get the best image at night. Typically we rightly focus on which dash cam has the best ability. Obviously we need to make the best of what car situation we are driving now, so we focus on the dash cam performance. Another element in this night vision...
  3. albertson

    Stop for the school bus (please)

    Vancouver BC school bus. Drivers ignore the stop signals. Really bad behavior. This driver needs a real dash cam (not phone). Maybe the school district could supply/install ones. Our city busses have 6 video camera per bus, to document evidence of criminals. Why not at least 1-2 for a school bus?
  4. albertson

    Steam-Punk rear cam, DOD LS300W

    This is not for the majority of users. It is the opposite of stealth, but that was my intent. I have an old car (1948) and instead of hiding the rear cam, I thought I would decorate it to be a gadget from the past. I like the DOD LS300W as it has been very reliable for many years. I took off the...
  5. albertson

    When the major hazard is inside the car....

    A friend sent me this message,which originated from a blog site. More photos at that site. Amazing how thoroughly paint can spread across all surfaces during an accident. The friends in the back seat were holding the 25 liter buckets. Posted by Mary W. Matthews in Humor...
  6. albertson

    What gauge wire should I use? Table explains.

    If you are adding wire to connect your camera to the power supply or to ground (hard wire or other) you can choose the gauge wire with confidence. The below table is from a distributor of wiring and components in USA. Waytec Inc. Just giving them credit...
  7. albertson

    Upgrading your horn

    Related to hazards on the road, it may be helpful if your car horn can be heard by the distracted or careless driver. Here in the US, many of the modern cars have much softer horns than 20-30 years ago. It would be easy to not hear them if your radio was on moderate volume and windows up...
  8. albertson

    Near miss as truck flies through air in Iowa, USA

    News video from police dash cam. I found it running on a BBC site. It is amazing that neither police car, nor a pedestrian was hit. It happened as a state trooper was questioning a motorist on US Interstate 80, with his dashboard camera still...
  9. albertson

    GT300W or LS300W sound problems

    Please comment if your LS300W or GT300W records sound clearly. Also comment if you get no (or unusable) sound. It would be helpful to know what was the typical performance. I noticed that most of the video clips posted have no sound. I get nearly no sound. Just an occasional brief fractions of a...
  10. albertson

    E-Prince - Amazon

    I purchased a DOD WS300W from E-Prince and they provided good sales support. The customs office adds several days to process the shipment but it did ship from their sales office promptly and then delivered quickly after clearing the customs office. Total of 2 weeks, but 10 days in customs. The...