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    #INNOVV K3 Dash Cam

    We proudly present our new INNOVV K3 motorcycle camera here! It is a new generation of INNOVV K2 motorcycle camera, adding some innovations to make it smarter and more user-friendly. External Microphone Input Fancy Remote Control High-quality Recording Even At Night Life is full of twists and...
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    Innovv K5, 4K camera

    Check the photos taken by INNOVV K5's front and rear camera during road trip. INNOVV K5 dash cam features a remote control and users could easily take photos by simply pressing the funtion button without eyes off road or hands off handlebar.
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    Innovv K5, 4K camera

    Check the detailed and in-depth review for INNOVV K5 by webbikeworld from "The the INNOVV K5 (Dash Cam) or new “Action Cam” as it should really be labelled, is a great new product and very much ups the ante regarding a dual-channel...
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    INNOVV C5 Motorcycle Waterproof DashCam with WiFi (NOW AVAILABLE!)

    @julianth, Just sent you the message. The problem can be solved.
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    INNOVV C5 Motorcycle Waterproof DashCam with WiFi (NOW AVAILABLE!)

    Still working on firmware and APP. I believe you can see how was solidly made and the improvement made base on the feedback from The C3 and The K1.
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    Innovv K1 Recurring Problem

    It is a bit surprise to hear that we do refuse to swap the DVR for a new one that betrays our rules, Once customer report issue, we do work together with customers on trouble shooting, to do some checks and see what is wrong indeed like you mentioned. The most problems could be solved...
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    Canada Dash Cam- Calgary Canada My buying experience

    Sorry to hear the story, if in need, you can place order from our Website, we do free express shipping from China to you.
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    K1 microphone questions

    As you can see the improvement we made, I can be sure, it get sounds if nothing is wrong. Can you check below, Do you mute the Mic? you can mute the sounds by press the middle button on DVR while recording, you need to re-press the button to un-mute the sounds. You can see from below...
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    Innovv C3 Action Snake/Bullet Dashcam Review and Test (

    Th That is wrong, the spec for C3 never had change. Processor Novatek NT96650 CMOS Aptina AR0330
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    K1 microphone questions

    Indeed, now we are working on improvement, you can see below, A mic hole made on case that is top of Mic in PCBA, and a film is to cover the hole that can get audio through but waterproof.
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    K1 microphone questions

    Hi Mike, Is that interference with your radio? PM sent to you to learn more details. Regards, Rock
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    C3 won't record or connect to computer (SOLVED)

    Please be patient, I keep working :)
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    K1 microphone questions

    Just do it, if need any support, please let me know. :)
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    K1 microphone questions

    Sorry for late reply. Your idea is good, and People did same on The C3. Regarding the K1, The audio encoded with video, it is not able to do so. Yes, you can drill a hole to mic on the case and cover it by a 3M tape for waterproof.
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    Wiring C3 to motorcycle (2015 BMW s1000rr)

    We made other one, it is same.
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    New c1

    Thank you, Kamkar1, Try to find cable from above link.
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    New Firmware for 808 #18 DR32

    Good to know that. :)
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    New Firmware for 808 #18 DR32

    Please contact your seller, they should have resource.
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    K1S Dual Dash Cam on Can Am Spyder
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    Moisture inside the lens.

    As discussed, please send it back for replacement. :)