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  1. Xybone

    Can the iOS app be updated to support iOS 13 and above?

    Ever since the iOS 13 update was released, the app has an issue where if you try to save a video to your device, it’ll appear in the camera roll with perfectly fine audio, but the video will freeze and skip every few seconds. It makes the video unusable, and I end up having to use an old Android...
  2. Xybone

    Where to buy better adhesive mounts?

    Just got my B1W. However, the camera and the wire clips have all fallen off the windshield after an hour in all types of weather - hot, cold, overcast. I suspect it's due to the clear adhesive used, as from my experience, those tend to be very cheap. I've not had any issues with my Aukey camera...
  3. Xybone

    Xiaomi 70Mai vs B1W?

    The 70Mai is being sold for $40 on AliExpress at the moment. At that price point it's very tempting, but I want a cam with good video quality that'll last me years Would it be better to just cough up the extra money for the B1W?
  4. Xybone

    Having major issues with my Amazon G1W-CB

    So I bought this model last year: And recently, I've been having nothing but issues with it. Such issues include: 1. Not keeping the time and date when turned off 2. The built-in lamp turns on every time I start the car 3. The last file is always corrupted 4. The camera shuts off ASAP, no...
  5. Xybone

    Aukey DR-01 or BlueSkySea B1W?

    I can get the Aukey for around $50 on Amazon if I use a code and the BSS B1W for around $50 on AliExpress ($48 for both devices to be exact). Both don't include the price of an SD card (of course) so I was wondering, which one should I go for? BSS is a new kid on the scene with very terrible...
  6. Xybone

    Chinese camera with good software?

    Hi y'all, So I was looking to buy a new cam. My current car does not have one and I've been using my phone, which works ok, but it's kind of a PITA to setup and keep running. So I was looking at some cheap options, mainly the A118/9 or Chuwi something. But then I realized, most of these...
  7. Xybone

    G1W-CB: issues with recording

    Bought a G1W-CB a month ago. It seems fine but I'm seeing some slight issues with it and I'm hoping they can be fixed. 1) date and time seems to reset randomly. Is this an issue with the capacitor model? 2) seems to randomly stop recording. Records fine but then stops recording, losing lots...
  8. Xybone

    Best/cheapest cams with parking mode?

    Damn, haven't been on these forums in years! A lot has changed from the Russian 240p green text timestamp dashcams to the 1260p, GPS enabled, discreet cams I've been seeing now lol. But I just wanted to know which are currently the best and cheapest parking mode cams? When I left, the Koreans...
  9. Xybone

    How to route wire around windshield?

    Any good clips or tape that won't melt in the summer heat? I would stuff it in the headliner or in between the windshield and the plastic stuff around it but the gap is too big to keep the wire there, it just falls off.
  10. Xybone

    Where can I buy this?

    more specifically, I'm looking for something that won't melt in direct sunlight easily.
  11. Xybone

    SkyEye Z750 Review (aka OVERMAX CAMROAD 6.1)

    Background info: I've done a Google search and it seems like this model is nowhere to be found. Only the Z700 exists on the Internet, and that's with some YouTube videos which were also used as promo videos when the vendor was showing the camera off to me. I bought this off a vendor in Hong Kong...
  12. Xybone

    Buying a G1W? Read this thread!

    Inspired by my other thread. Apologies in advance for any grammar errors, I'm typing this on a phone. More stuff is going to be added later, don't worry. As we all know, the G1W is one of the best cams that you can currently get on a budget. The video quality in this price range is unmatched...
  13. Xybone

    [META] An idea

    Why don't we put up a list of known sellers of fake G1Ws and an FAQ on how to spot a fake? I think this would help a lot of new buyers out and would help organize things into one thread so you don't see three threads about a fake G1W or asking if the vendor sells a real one.
  14. Xybone

    IROAD Defender now in stock at Lockdown Security

    Wrong forum
  15. Xybone

    A thing I noticed in Hong Kong...

    I'm currently in vacation in Hong Kong. My family and I were waiting for their friends to get a trolley to get out luggage when I decided to see what dashcams people in Hong Kong use (by looking inside their windshield when they passed by). For the 20 mins I was waiting, most of the cars I...
  16. Xybone

    Saw a dashcam at Fry's

    Smelled strongly of plastic. Eugh. But I guess this is a good thing, dashcams are getting popular here in the US. Pics:
  17. Xybone

    A good, really cheap dashcam?

    I need suggestions for a good, cheap dashcam (preferably under $40). Something like this: Video quality doesn't really matter, it just needs a wide angle lens (like the video) and a big timestamp (like in the video).
  18. Xybone

    My ghetto wide angle lens mod

    The K6000 only has a FoV of 90 degrees. I decided to expand that with an extra wide angle lens and some masking tape. I'll put up some sample footage later when I get to my computer. For now, this picture will have to do.
  19. Xybone

    Android Apps

    In response to an iPhone thread, I think we should have an Android one! Currently I am using DailyRoads Voyager on a Galaxy S4, but that has a 5 second gap between new videos and only overlays speed/time and doesn't imprint it into the video. Anyone got any other apps? Images: Landscape...