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    GS9000 freezes

    I got around most of the issues with the GS9000, but there is a software issue which still bugs me. The firmware often freezes on startup. The cam boots up, but none of the timestamps move and it doesn't record. You can see video on the display move, but everything else is frozen and...
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    Quick parking mode?

    Normally I don't want to use parking mode, but just for once I want to film for 2-3 hours straight, as I want to catch someone who keeps doing something to my car longer than the dashcam's battery can last. If I leave the ignition on and the camera in the car's charger (before you protest...
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    Compilation of accident aftermaths and police sirens (GS9000

    Here is a new compilation from me, using the GS9000 and CarCam K6000. The "drunk driver", "aftermath #3" and "lucky pigeon" were shot with a CarCam K6000, all the rest a GS9000. Edited together using MAGIX Movie Edit Pro. As always, watch in HD for best results.
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    GS9000 very unreliable

    So I recently got the GS9000, only really had a week's use out of it due to the suction cup who kept breaking off. But besides the suction cup issues more annoying is that the camera is extremely unreliable. Sometimes the camera turns on as expected, and I can see the footage on the screen, but...
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    GS9000 arrived today

    So, the GS9000 I ordered from FoxOffer arrived today. I haven't tried recording anything yet but I'm pleased with the physical appearance. Even came with a microSD -> SD adapter which could come in handy. The manual is in Chinese, Russian and Engrish. The English translation is terrible and full...
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    Small compilation from me

    Compilation of things from my Carcam K6000 - A scooter falling over - A guy nearly backing up into me - A cyclist falling over - Aftermath of an accident - A tailgator Hçope you enjoy.
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    GS1000 Compression

    Just got a GS1000. Old orange menu I think. I just tried it at 1080P and the video is quite compressed. The video runs at around 8mbit/s I think and it has quite some compression macroblocks all over the picture. I will upload a screenshot later on but anybody knows if this can be changed?
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    How long do MCSD cards last?

    Typically if you drive an hour a day on a 32Gb micro SD card. How long will it last before the card becomes too slow to be usable on the dashcam?
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    Which dashcam to buy?

    Hi there. I bought a K2000 Carcam and for the price it was good, but I need a new cam and I don't know which to get. The GS2000 (or 1000?) fitted all my requirements except for one thing: extremely narrow field of view. The K2000 has a 140 angle, while I don't know about the GS2000 but from the...
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    G1000 and G2000 field of view

    Hi. I heard that when putting the GS1000 in 1080p, the field of view is drastically decreased (this seems confirmed when I see demo videos from it) , compared to when it's in 720P. Which is kind of strange considering they should have the same aspect ratio. Anyway, can this be fixed? Does the...