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    File Splitting on 1.2.13 / build 23L, with 64GB microsd

    Hi everyone, i couldn't find a solution to this problem, I have file splitting with a brand new microsd from Toshiba, measured 36MB/s read and 28MB/s writing (sequential), I'm using Yi-max-movie plugin, but only bitrate lines to have 1080p60@35Mbits and 1440p30@35Mbits, I get file split after...
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    New to the YI Cam, got a 23L

    Hello, new to the forum. Having owned an SJ400 for approx 2 years I just bought myself a Yi Cam as it seems to have a lot of good features. Not used it too much yet, just a bit of driving. So I am still assessing in the lens is ok and if I am happy with the bitrates from the standard firmware...