1. conceptionist

    Any way to edit AIT chipset based firmware to change bitrate?

    I searched all over the web and found no entry on this topic, I recently purchased KDLINKS R100 rear-view mirror dash-cam from amazon claiming to be 1296p, it's video quality however is slightly subpar to my Galaxy S5 1080 resolution when compared side by side. I was wondering if there is any...
  2. Fusion Next

    Fusion Next just release FNMultiCam iOS version for testing (can support multi-platform)

    We are please release FNMulticam iOS version for testing , please download as follow link : There are key features : 1.One app support multi-platform : AMBA, NTK,AIT, OTUS 2.Local camera (phone camera) support , use can use remote cam & local cam...
  3. camera800

    Specifications mini 0901. Available in UK

    Available in Specifications: Display screen: 2.0 inch FHD TFT Chipset AIT chipset (1080P FHD) Wifi Function Built in Support Parking guard function Lens parameter 6G...