ar790 2ch

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    Dashcam not working (nor recording) Only gps blue light comes on when the car is off

    Good evening. I am looking for some help. i have a car which came with a Schneider SR790 2ch dashcam, which in reality isthe same as qvia or lukas AR790. The camera is not recording anymore, I hace tried formatting the sd card and still it does not work. I have tried pressing every single...
  2. K

    Problems and Questions about QVIA AR790 2CH (Footage download failed, Live view frozen, Unable to use other media player, Unknown new info in OSD)

    Hi all, I've been using AR790 2CH firmware ver 3.3.1 (latest one) with Transcend micro sdcard of 128GB. QVIA View App ver. 1.6.5 (the latest one) is used on Galaxy Note 4 (Android 6.0.1). I have currently been facing the following problems: 1. Footage download failed: while downloading a...