battery discharge

  1. A

    iVolt and U1000

    Hi there I have a U1000 (2ch) and the iVolt battery. I've noticed that even in energy saving parking mode with the radar, the battery doesn't seem to power the dashcam for as long as I expected. The Thinkware Dashcam Store suggests up to 24 days of recording before powering down but when I've...
  2. karim174

    Wi-Fi Frequency, 2.4GHz or 5GHz?

    What do these figures mean and how does it affect the battery on parking mode? The user manual does not clarify its figures
  3. Nitzanman

    Yi Smart Dash Cam f/1.8 165° battery

    Hey i just bought the camera model YCS.1015.INT and was wondering how long the camera can stay on using only the battery? For me it stays on for a very short time before it shuts off (fully charged and manually turning on without a power source).
  4. K

    Battery Discharge Prevention Kit with DR650S-2CH ?

    Which one is recommended? 1) BlackVue Power Magic Pro - Doesn't have great review anywhere 2) Lukas LK-290 - If so then Type A or B? No idea.. 3) Vico Power Plus - Double the cost of Lukas so unless it is really the one to go .. Setup will basically be for hardwired to battery with discharge...