blackvue dr650s-2ch

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    DR650S-2ch internal GPS CMOS battery dead

    I've had this set for about two years now and it's been great. The last month or so, I noticed that the time in the video keeps slipping and resetting to 0:00. I would think that the thing would grab the time off of the GPS satellites, but no.... It has a CMOS battery in it to hold it's time...
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    USA SOLD - Like new Blackvue DR650s-2Ch dashcam

    For Sale: I have a lightly used (purchased 09/02/2016) Blackvue DR650s-2CH for sale. It comes ready to be installed. Include is the unused Power Magic pro for hard wiring the Cam and using it for parking mode. 32 GB memory card included. Please message me if interested are if you have any...