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    Can the Blackvue B-124X Power Magic Ultra Battery Pack and the Power Magic Pro BlackVue Vehicle Battery Discharge Prevention be used together?

    Hi. I am not yet fully versed in these things, so please bear with me! Can I hard-wire a Blackvue B-124X Power Magic Ultra Battery Pack to an always-on fuse via a Power Magic Pro (PMP) BlackVue Vehicle Battery Discharge Prevention (BDP)? My goal is to use the B-124X battery pack to support...
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    Think ware U1000 using the Celling Neo Battery

    New here folks. I recently purchased and installed the Thinkware U1000 Front and rear camera system. I have been having an issue since installation that the camera will not turn off and go into parking mode once the ignition is off. I troubleshot the entire system, called thinkeware and they...
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    Is it only me getting 2560*1440 30fps for front camera?

    I have the U1000 front and rear camera, and the micro sd card that is coming in the box. Whatever I choose in the app, 4k 30fps + QHD 30fps or 4k 1channel, for continuous recording, I am only getting 2560*1440 30fps file for FRONT camera (sample video file attached). Only for event recording, I...
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    Switchover time.

    How long does it normally take to change over from Parking to Normal mode? My 792 Wi-Fi Pro, is connected to my car with a hard wired Smart Box Cable. My understanding is that as soon as the ignition is switched on, it should change to Normal recording mode. In reality, I can start my car, get...
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    Parking mode is not working

    Hi Guys! I'm new here, and I'm also a newbie dashcamer. A month ago I bought an F770 with 2nd camera and hardwiring. Because I don't have my own garage, outside is below 0°C and I also haven't enough experience with electronic installations in cars, I let a local company install it. It took...