custom firmware

  1. R

    YI Smart Dash Camera custom firmware

    Recently started looking for modified firmware for the YI Smart Dash Camera. Couldn't find anything so made some myself and here are the results. I take no responsibility if you decide to use modified firmware!!! ONLY FOR CABAA SERIAL NUMBERS All mods are based on V-1.03.026. I recommend record...
  2. M

    Yi Dashcam Custom Firmware for change wifi mode AP <-> Client

    I would like build custom firmware for Yi dash cam and I would like help to create an option for change wifi mode: AP (access point) or Client (connect to router). If you can help me, please reply this post. My yi dashcam serial start CABAA ( 2nd Group Custom Firmware) and US version. Thanks...
  3. nutsey

    Galaxycore GC2023 vs Sony IMX323

    NT96650-based dashcams tested in low light side by side. Please note that the cam with IMX323 sensor has CPL filter installed.
  4. nutsey

    Firefly 7S MODx custom firmware.

    MOD1 FW released for both low distortion and standard fisheye lens versions.