1. VicoVation

    VicoVation Vico-Opia2 is coming soon!

    Dear members of DashCamTalk, We are excited to announce that we are going to release our new model Vico-Opia2 next month! The price has not been released yet. Please like us on facebook @ www.facebook.com/VicoVationOfficial/ to stay tuned for more infomation. :) Update on 5/17/2016: Opia2 and...
  2. M

    Uber Assault in Augusta, GA captured on dashcam 2/27/16 3:00am

    Driver (me) no injuries. Passenger was arrested and charged with Simple Battery.
  3. VicoVation

    VicoVation is now officially a part of the DashCamTalk society!

    Hi guys! This is VicoVation's official account. If you guys have any questions regarding our products and firmwares or suggestions that you would like to give us, you are welcomed to message us or post comments down below.
  4. S

    BMW 4ch DashCam Setup; whats best?

    Greetings to everyone here, This is my very first post in this forum and im glad to be here with great people. So i own a BMW 2009 e92 coupe'. I would like to install a 4ch camera setup. (1. Front, 2. 2x Sides (ideal would be in the side mirrors) but if its not possible, side windows would be...
  5. TelwahTelwah

    CR-2000G-Firmware Version: 2.02.100 / Release Date: January, 10. 2016

    Hi every body, To download the latest firmware go to http://www.finedashcam.com/pages/faq Note: After updating the error that I used to get it "Check your memory card" has gone. Not any more. Regards
  6. H

    F750 Dash cam speed visibility issue , need help.

    I have recently bought 3 thinkware F750 DASHCAM's , but I'm having an issue with it , when I watch a recording ,the speed does not show , only the time and the date . How do I let the speed show up on the recordings ?? For example if I ever got into an accident and I wanted to prove that I...
  7. CaptureYourAction

    GPS, yes or no?

    How do most feel about the GPS options on their Dashcams? Do you really feel it's a must have option? If you could save $10-20 on a Dashcam by not getting the GPS feature, would you?
  8. GearBest

    2019 GearBest Daily Deals

    Hello Guys, GearBest is more than just a shopping site, it's designed for gadget lovers by gadget lovers. We have a passion for all kinds of tech from retro style to the absolute cutting edge. We offer worldwide free shipping for various kinds of Dash Cams, you could check it here. And you...
  9. jadohogan

    Review : JADO D169S Mini Dashcam, portable Car DVR

    JADO D169S Mini Dashcam , portable Car DVR 1.5 inches LCD screen 500 mega lens pixels 140 degree wide angle AIT8427 Chipest Resolution : 1920*1080p F1.9 super large aperture G-sensor Motion detection Seamless & SOS recording LDWS H.264 coding, AVI format
  10. D

    Should I Buy G1W-CB ?!?

    Hi dashcamtalk people! Everyone saying "First 1 month is good but later this cam is going crazy." I want to buy this cam for long-use and this is nice for price-quality. Should i buy it or not? What is your suggestions... Thanks..
  11. jadohogan

    Review JADO D780S NT96655 chipest , Front and Back camera

    JADO China #D780S 4.3 inches LCD screen NT96655 chipest Resolution : 1920*1080p 500 mega lens pixels 140 degree high resolution wide angle H.264 coding , MOV format LWDS ( Lane departure warning system)
  12. F

    Return DR650GW-2CH to Pittasoft for WiFi module upgrade / cloud support?

    Hi guys, I am new to this forum, but have been lurking in the background for quite some time and always found it very useful and informative. As, you know, with the introduction of firmware v2.000 Pittasoft has enabled the cloud support feature on all the DR650GW-2CH cameras produced after...
  13. jadohogan

    JADO V690S Smart Rearview Mirror Driving recorder ( Car DVR )

    JADO V690S Samrt Rearview Mirror Drive recorder Strong over your think Alibaba Yun OS Smart Voice Control ( stronger than SIRI ) 7.36 inches Full touch screen GPS Navigation Support WCDMA(3G ) WIFI Bluetooth Front and Back camera HD1080P , Park video etc . Over your think !
  14. GearBest

    [New Arrival] MINI 0826 1.5 inch 1296P HD LCD Screen GPS Car DVR Camcorde

    Nice day for you all. I would like share u a good news: MINI 0826 1.5 inch 1296P HD LCD Screen GPS Car DVR Camcorde is arival Main Features: Built-in 8GB internal memory Support loop recording between internal card and external card Support WDR / HDR Support ADAS ( LDWS, FCW, FCWD ) Support...
  15. E

    My law blog regarding dashcams

    Hello all. I am attaching the substance of my law blog regarding dash cams here. It is written for the layperson, so you may find the info about dashcams a bit basic. Hopefully, you can find some of the legal information useful. The original blog entry, with embedded links, can be found...
  16. thancam

    Review of mini 0826

    A review of mini 0826. Sorry for my bad english. Two day ago, I received 2 box of mini 0826 from @Bella, skyhigh. Instantly, I began to test and now I sent to you the result. Let’s start with the apperance. I put the box of 0826 next to 0805′ and 0806′ so you can easily compare. It’s...
  17. E

    Maryland Attorney - New to Forum

    Hello. My name is Wayne. I'm a Maryland attorney, and I'm new to the forum! In a couple of days, I will be posting a blog article about the legal implications of webcams. I will post it in the legal section when it is up! (UPDATE: the blog can be found here as well...
  18. GearBest

    [Big News]Original Xiaomi Yi 1080P Car WiFi DVR is coming!!!!

    Update on 25 Nov Hi DCT Friends, Nice day for you. Latest and hottest action camera is arrival!!!!! Pls put your hands up!! This article is from Lucy's cooperator——el Producente: NEW! The Xiaomi Yi Dashboard Camera: It doesn’t look like a new action camera or a successor of the Xiaomi Yi...