dod ls470w

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    DOD LS470W vs Street Guardian SG9665GC. High-temperature tolerance

    Hello, I'm choosing between DOD LS470W and Street Guardian SG9665GC. One of the main issues that I am interested in this high-temperature endurance. In the country where I live, in summer the temperature can rise to 42-44 degrees Celsius. Here is the street temperature of 34 degrees (7 August...
  2. thancam

    Battery of dod Ls470w explode ?

    Just pick them on internet. That's why we have to choice dashcam with super capacitor.
  3. B

    DOD 470W doesn't charge battery when on

    Just bought a 470W as a replacement for one of several highly unreliable Mini 0805's that I have. After the 470W rode around in the vehicle for a few days, I decided to bring it in the house and download some video. I was surprised to find it ran for maybe a minute on it's battery. Concerned...
  4. -Pizdys-

    Street Guardian SG9665GC vs DOD LS470W [Sony Exmor IMX322 vs Sony Exmor IMX322]

    Street Guardian SG9665GC v2 Street Guardian SG9665GC v2 Pros: + Super Capacitors, + Very Small & discrete (easy to hide behind rear view mirror), + a lot of accessories in the box, + memory card 64/128GB works fine! Cons: - Very Poor Lens quality... - Housing quality / build quality - No...