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  1. S

    Camera suggestion for a long trip... low resolution and low fps ok

    First question: I need a not sophisticated camera to record 10 hours of driving in about 10 GB memory. I don't mind if the resolution is low (e.g. 640x480) and low fps (1 fps is very fine too, actually ideal as the resulting movie would be only 20 minutes long if viewed at 30 fps). What are the...
  2. jadohogan

    New : JADO D660S-AD

    JADO D660S-AD 5' inches LCD display screen 5 mega lens pixels 140 degree wide angle F1.9 Super aperture WDR Resolution : Front 1080P /30fps ; Back 720P/ 25fps waterproof camera ADAS :LDWS , FCWS H.264 coding Loop recording & SOS recording G-sensor Motion detection ( support front...