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    Xiaomi Fimi A3 Drone with AMBA A12 DVR onboard

    Hi Guys, I was wondering if we can squeeze something more from the AMBA A12 DVR and the 1440p Sony CMOS sensor. Takes 8MP stills and can record 1080p video at 30FPS with a bitrate of 60 Mb/s. But can we simply load autoexec.sh scripts and enable at least 1080p@60FPS with even the stock 60...
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    Mobius 360 dashcam / drone only 120g

    Just finished designing a small compact lightweight 4 camera kit, uses four Mobius C2 cameras (camera module + circuit board). 3D printed in PETG material, is well suited to dashcam and drone applications, at a budget price. More at Website I just started setting up at http://Vidit360.com Need...
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    Xiaomi YI 1.2.13 Think somthing wrong.

    I am attaching the camera to a drone (syma x8hg) And just do not see well at all ! It looks like I'm snapping quality of 144P !! the setting on the iPhone is on 2K / 30FPS also there is a big delay between the iPhone app to the cam. even they are close (somthing like 1M distance) There is a...