file name

  1. C

    A Couple Newbie Questions

    After using the CaroO dashcam app on my smartphone for a few weeks, I finally broke down and bought a new Mini 0806. I've been trying to learn how to operate it for a couple days, and I must say that it is not the most intuitive piece of equipment I've ever owned. That being said, I have some...
  2. M

    Script to change file names?

    I'm looking for a script that will change the name of files to something like "CAM100001". Does anyone knows how to do it? Thanks!
  3. TeriTerryTarry

    File Name - SJ4000 Wi-Fi

    In Playback mode on the display of my SJ4000 Wi-Fi, the file name is a string of letters and numbers across the bottom of the display. The field description is YY_MMDD_FFFFFF_SSS.XXX where Y = year, M = month, D = day, F = file number, S = ???, and XXX is either MOV video or JPG photo. The...