firefly 7s

  1. nutsey

    Firefly 7S MODx custom firmware.

    MOD1 FW released for both low distortion and standard fisheye lens versions.
  2. R

    Hawkeye Firefly 7s Review & Side by Side comparison with Yi Cam

    Here's my review of the Hawkeye Firefly 7s action cam review with side by side comparison video and mic test (1080p@60fps) against the Yi cam. There's also standalone footage testing the gyro stabilization and AWB. Overall, this is a SUPERB action cam for around $70. I believe it's the best one...
  3. J

    Firefly 7s vs Git2 Comparison Videos

    Since I'm going to post some comparison videos I will put them on an own thread. Some general remarks. Compared to Gitup Git2 I would say that the audio quality is better in Git2 which can especially capture high frequencies clearer. That said, both of them suffer from noticeable background...
  4. C

    Firefly 7S vs GitUp2 vs SJCAm Footage + Review

    Couple of videos I wanted to share with you all: First, sample footage only from my Firefly 7S: Next, comparison footage vs GitUp2 and SJCam: Finally, the full review. Long and short, it's an amazing camera for <$80, with very impressive photo and video capabilities. The gyro...
  5. B

    Four Top Budget Action Cameras Side by Side - including battery life test

    A video test I just made comparing 4 of the best action cameras I've tested recently and their battery life. Might be of interest if you are looking for a camera? Very close thing really, though quality online suffered after YouTube compressed the video to death. Battery life differed by as much...
  6. Marcofan76

    Firefly 7S Review in Italian to be continued...