1. BCHobbyist

    VIOFO A119 V1 V2 Modified Firmware MODs Archive

    Expanding my Firmware Modifications to include A119, A119 Pro, A119S & A129 Duo Dash Cams to enhance image quality and function. This post will be updated with all future MOD releases to keep everyone up to date. Current Stable MODs --- Updated July 12, 2019 Download >...
  2. BCHobbyist

    Novatek NT96660 Firmware Modification Guide for VIOFO A119S DVR

    Expanding my Firmware Modifications to include A129DUO, A119PRO, A119 & A119S Dash Cams. Download A129 Duo Modified Firmware > Download A119S Modified Firmware >...
  3. P

    Yi 4k (Z16VxxL) custom firmware and more (UPDATE : 20/12/20 - Release 1.10.52 - Ethernet-over-USB)

    TESTED ONLY ON Yi 4k i.e. Z16V13/14L**, should work on all Z16V12L to Z16V18L. To control my cam, I prefer to use the station mode of Wi-Fi cause I do not want to switch between wifi tethering and wifi station on my phone everytime I want to use my cam. I needed a way to unpack and repack my...
  4. BCHobbyist

    Troubleshooting Guide for VIOFO A119S or A119 Dash Cams

    I've noticed a large number of preventable Dash Cam failures being reported. My long Troubleshooting Guide doesn't cover everything but with input from everyone it can be continually updated to include new tests and fixes. Starting with simple verifications for all accessories such as microSD...
  5. avladimir

    Bricked B1W

    Hi, I ran into a problem, hopefully someone can help me: Bought the camera from EBay (estore009), received it and worked great, however, I tried to upgrade the firmware with the "WIFI OFF" version from here. I followed the steps, but the camera didn't worked after this: the green LED is ON and...
  6. T

    Are any software updates coming for the JooVuu X and is this project dead?

    Does anyone know if "Dan" and the team from JooVuu doing anything else on this project? There has been no update at all on their website for about a year and the official forums have been spammed by various users advising not to purchase the camera. I bought the camera about 18 months ago and...
  7. T

    Can the thieye t5e be used as a webcam by installing the SJCAM SJ7 star firmware.

    Can I use the thieye t5e used as a webcam by installing the SJCAM SJ7 star firmware, and is it possible to install the SJCAM or Firefly 8s firmware in this camera, because they share similar specifications.
  8. TheDascamNewbie

    NextBase logo in new firmware in 412GW

    I purchased a 412GW couple of days back and I seemed to have the option to turn off manufacturer logo. Obviously I decided to get the lastest update (R12.4) and it seems I am stuck with manufacturer logo. As much as I like NextBase I would like my video to be unbranded! So do you have a...
  9. S

    A119S firmwares

    I just received an A119S running A119S_170622_V1.7. I'd like to update to the latest available FW (V2.1, released 2017-08-17 and available at, but I'd like to be able to downgrade again if it's...
  10. Mick

    Settings not saving after power off

    I found out yesterday that each time my unit is turned off, when it starts again it has not saved any settings. I have reinstalled firmware v2.05 but it is still doing it. I have tried to look if there is a new firmware out, but I get an error when trying to go to Viofo firmware page. Does...
  11. H

    Missing GPS data since 2.1 update?

    --EDIT: THIS IS SOLVED-- Is anyone else seeing GPS data not being written into the files since the new firmware? GPS is on and working, I am getting speed and coordinates as subtitles on the video. But Dashcam Viewer now sees no GPS info (so no map display etc) and if I export CSV from the...
  12. BCHobbyist

    Why you must Reset Default Settings after an Update

    Why Reset Default Settings after an Update? Any device with BIOS / Firmware saves user settings on a chip, when the Firmware is updated the saved user settings are cleared forcing user to re-configure all settings. However if the Firmware Update adds or removes a feature (numeric parameter value...
  13. Ferginator

    Change WiFi password

    I set up a new dashcam and I am trying to change the password on my WiFi DR650S-2CH IR and when I go to firmware settings, it just says "offline. Please check the network connection of the camera", but I have full bars on the camera and a good connection on my own WiFi as well so idk where else...
  14. W

    Yi 4k 1.7.8

    So, i check firmware updates every once in a while but was stuck on 1.0.x without any updates, now i checked again and had a prompt for 1.7.8, so i went ahead with the update, but now i can't find any details on the update and i want to know about some new features and what they do. Can anyone...
  15. E

    Thinkware F750 How do I install/ update Firmware?

    I have four of these camera's installed on four separate vehicles, can someone tell me the easiest way to update firmware on them step by step? Looks like I currently have Firmware Version V1.00.15 I appreciate it. Thank you Ebad K.
  16. K

    Sj6 legend firmware update

    I just realized I'm running the version 1.44 on my SJ6 Legend and there's a new version out (v. 1.47). I tried to update via the app but I don't get any option to update the firmware. The app itself is up to date. Is this update only done by downloading the file and installing it manually?
  17. TechTronic9000

    HawkEye Firefly 8S - 90° FOV Reviews, tests, firmware updates

    The new HawkEYE Firefly 8S is another action camera based on the solution provided by Ambarella A12 platform chipset and the Sony IMX 117 CMOS sensor. The main features are real 4K resolution, Full HD at 120 FPS and an impressive 720p @ 240 fps which will make stunning slow motion videos. The...
  18. P

    Haven't been on the forum for a year... ok to update firmware >1.009 now?

    I haven't been on the forum for a while now... my 650GW-2CH is still on firmware 1.009. It was previously recommended at that time not to upgrade the firmware due to better bitrate etc, but now that time has passed and it looks like we are at 2.008 or so, do people recommend to upgrade now...
  19. S

    Showing different model number in app and back of the camera

    I bought a new camera few days ago.but after connecting it to the app.there the model is Z22.but backside of the camera it is z25L.So i am really confused which is the real model.My current firmware is 1.3.0. Btw it also shows 0% charge after fully charging the bettary and if i start the camera...
  20. B

    Issues with 64 GB card memory above 32 GB, new firmware required?

    Hi, I own a Panorama IIS since 2014 and have always been using 32 GB cards without problem. Recently I bought a 64 GB card (SanDisk Ultra XC I 10) which initially seemed to work ok but is now having a lot of problems with properly recording the video (only a few frames per minute). A reset...