1. Ferginator

    Coaxial Cable not long enough

    Hello, I realized the coaxial cable I got for the blackvue, 1.5m, was too short. My mistake. I thought it would be long enough but it just barely makes a B-line from front camera to back. Because of that, I can't hide the cable and so it's just hanging out there. Is there a way to get a longer...
  2. A

    Which dashcam for front/rear and parking mode?

    Hey guys, I am looking for new cash cams for the front and the rear of my car. I had to handle some dangerous situations within the last few weeks - especially because of distracted drivers. I bought a dashcam for my other car some years ago, but I want to use one for the front and one for the...
  3. palmexman

    Cheap dashcam up to 60€ - EU shipping

    Hey need your advice, looking for front dash cam at least quality like G1W from EU shipping. Can not purchase from China due to VAT in my country. Please any advice what to purchase nowadays?