1. J

    Just bought 'Oldshark GS8000L' dash cam - couple of issues

    Just purchased my first dash cam, an 'Oldshark GS8000L' from a seller called 'Oldshark direct', but fulfilled by Amazon. Nayway, having issues setting the date correctly. It wont change the month to 01 for january - it just keeps reverting to 09. That is unless I set it to 10, 11 or 12...
  2. H

    GS8000L can't connect to PC

    Today I got GS8000L dashcam and couldn't connect it to PC and move videos rom sd card. All I get is: Mass Storage and PC Camera, but my laptop does not recognize it at all. I tried to find drivers but failed. I hope there is someone who can help me.
  3. P

    GS8000L - auto record power cord

    Hi folks, Does anyone know how to enable auto-record function after switch on dash cam? When i plug in USB cable my cam starts but also show 3 items menu. PC Camera, playback ... I need to know how to build usb cable which would charge battery up and those menu would not show up. Thank you
  4. graydog

    GS8000L Opinion

    I recently bought a GS8000L. The link to my Review on eBay can be found here:
  5. graydog

    GS8000L Dash Cam.

    I bought a "New--Still in box" GS8000L Dash Cam. It works fine when it has USB power. The battery is dead or will not charge. The red light on top right comes on when it is hooked up to 1.0A charger, but light turns blue when the camera is turned off or timer turns it off and it does not...