1. egonvdv

    To buy or not to buy..

    My 770 dual is walking on it's last legs and I'm thinking of replacing. I had the q800 at some point but returned it as not impressed with the image (ie not better than the 770) in fact, i find that since the excellent 750, the quality has only been going down, while prices have gone up. I...
  2. U

    Hello from New Jersey, USA

    Hello. I am new here. First of all, hello everyone and thank you for welcoming me into your community. I have a question to ask about "taxicab dash cams". Despite the "taxi" name it is for use in my personal car, not a taxicab, and would like your suggestions on which would be the appropriate...

    Hello DASHCAMTALK. GRDIAN introduction.

    Hello DASHCAMTALK community! We'd like to thank the DASHCAMTALK community for setting up such a wonderful resource page to engage in. Also, we would like to introduce ourselves as the new kids on the block. Our company GRDIAN is located in Pasadena, California and we share the same enthusiasm...