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    U1000 connection into Cellink Neo

    Hi, I have a Thinkware U1000, and a Cellink Neo. My problem is that I have only the following cable for the Thinkware dashcam, what connects to fusebox. How can I connect the dashcam into the battery. Can I modify this cable to connect somehow into the battery or I have to get an another...
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    Hard-wire Install (frustrated - throwing in the towel)

    I have two A119 V2 cameras in car (front and rear). In my original install, I powered them off of 12V sockets. I had to jumper the rear to make it switched...but other than that, it worked perfect and I had no issues. I got it into my head to do a hard-wire install, and bought the best install...
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    Hard Wire Install Kit - Modification Question

    I have an install kit from "The Dash Cam Store": They're similar to install kits you can get on Amazon or eBay with a 12v to 5V transformer, a 15 foot Mini USB cable, and two wires (red with the fuse tap, and black with the grounding ring) I'd...