ir filter

  1. TCK81

    What IR Cut Filter Adhesive Are You Using?

    Ideally optical grade adhesive should be used but for our DIY purposes it's not cost effective. Super glue and silicon shouldn't be used due to the vapor damaging the lens and/or filter. I've read people using 2 part epoxy. So what adhesive(s) are you using with success? Loctite® Stik'n...
  2. wakodaf

    Lens comparison : Original vs Gearbest (IR filter)

    Hi guys ! I loaned camera with original lens(NO IR FILTER) from my friend and make comparison footage with my xiaomi with lens from gearbest(IR FILTER). I think i focus my camera better then his so check it out and tell me what u think. I like his blue sky maybe little more then my but there is...
  3. R

    Confused Newbie

    hi, interested in buying the xiaomi yi but the models are confusing me. I've done some research and have realised that the older models have a mic and focus problem. So I was convinced I was going to buy the z23 model from banggood, however after reading some more have realised that the z23L...
  4. J

    New to the YI Cam, got a 23L

    Hello, new to the forum. Having owned an SJ400 for approx 2 years I just bought myself a Yi Cam as it seems to have a lot of good features. Not used it too much yet, just a bit of driving. So I am still assessing in the lens is ok and if I am happy with the bitrates from the standard firmware...