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    Parking mode usable for driving

    Hi, I am currently thinking about buying the B1W. However, In the country I am from (Germany) it is not allowed to shoot constant video as this would invade the privacy rights of other drivers and pedestrians. I was thinking it might be feasible to use the parking mode while driving to only...
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    Does a power cord count as obstruction of view?

    Hello, I live in Utah and I am planning to mount my dash cam behind my rear view mirror. Would having the power cable hanging from the camera be obstructing my view, and illegal? I dont want to route my cable around the passenger side yet. Thanks in advance.
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    My law blog regarding dashcams

    Hello all. I am attaching the substance of my law blog regarding dash cams here. It is written for the layperson, so you may find the info about dashcams a bit basic. Hopefully, you can find some of the legal information useful. The original blog entry, with embedded links, can be found...
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    Maryland Attorney - New to Forum

    Hello. My name is Wayne. I'm a Maryland attorney, and I'm new to the forum! In a couple of days, I will be posting a blog article about the legal implications of webcams. I will post it in the legal section when it is up! (UPDATE: the blog can be found here as well...